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General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

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List of Top mobile manufacturing countries in the world

Jul 22, 2020
At present, there are 4.648 billion total internet users in the world. It means around 60% population of the world is having an internet connection. China has the largest number of mobile and internet users in the world. 

What is the difference between LTE and VoLTE?

Jul 10, 2020
LTE is called 'Long Term Evolution'. Airtel launched the first LTE network service in India in 2012. Generally, LTE is also called 4G. VoLTE stands for 'Voice over Long Term Evolution'. It also supports 4G networks. In VoLTE, you can enjoy data connectivity while calling. Reliance Jio had started this VoLTE service in India.

How to use Aarogya Setu App, a Coronavirus tracking app?

Apr 14, 2020
Today, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested to download Aarogya Set App. Aarogya Setu is a coronavirus tracking app launched by the Government of India on 2 April. It is the first official coronavirus tracking app in the country. Let us see how to use this app.    

What is Mobile Wallet and how does it work?

Mar 20, 2020
In an age of smartphones, mostly there is an app for everything. "Mobile Wallet" technology is becoming popular every day. Do you know about the mobile wallet, how is it work, its advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look!    

Top 10 most searched Personalities on Google in India 2019

Dec 13, 2019
Top 10 most searched Personalities on Google: Balakot air strike hero Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is the most searched personality on Google in India 2019, followed by the singer Lata Mangeshkar and Yuvraj Singh. Read this article to know more about these Top 10 most searched Personalities on Google in India 2019.

What is IMEI Number and how does it work?

Jun 21, 2019
IMEI or The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a device identification number mentioned below or above the battery of every mobile phone device for the identification of the particular mobile device. IMEI number is different in every mobile device. IMEI number explains the imofrmation related to manufacturung of the device.

How Facebook plans to make Libra a global currency?

Jun 19, 2019
On 18 June, 2019, Facebook announced to launch a new type of digital money, its long awaited crytocurrency plans "Project Libra". If this is successful then users will be able to do transactions at nearly zero fees and also will be able to use wide variety of other merchants like Uber, Spotify and MasterCard. In addition company also announced to launch a new digital wallet known as Calibra, a separate subsidiary which will be operated by the Facebook and provide users a way to store and spend Libra. Let us find out what is Libra, why it is called Libra, how it can be used, is it safe to use etc.

World Password Day 2019: History, Types and Significance

May 2, 2019
Every year World Password Day is celebrated on first Thursday of May and it remind us about the importance of protecting ourselves through strong passwords. This day also help people to improve passwords that they use for their online accounts and provide sources to learn more about cyber security. Let us study more about World Password Day, importance of password, cyber security etc. through this article.

India’s First Cardless ATM: Amazing and Unknown Facts

Apr 24, 2019
Do you know that SBI customer can now withdraw money from SBI ATM that too without ATM card across the country? About Rs 10,000 a SBI Customer can withdraw in one Day. What is the name of this ATM, what are its features etc? Let us study through this article.

What is RailWire and RailTel?

Apr 16, 2019
As name suggest RailWire is a free Wi-Fi internet project across major railway stations in India. It is a retail Broadband initiative of the RailTel. Let us study more about RailWire and RailTel through this article.

What is Checkpoint Tipline by WhatsApp and its Significance?

Apr 4, 2019
Do you know about Checkpoint Tipline unveiled by WhatsApp? What are its key features and significance of Tipline? Let us study through this article.

World Wide Web: Invention, History and Uses

Mar 12, 2019
The first web browser known as World Wide Web or WWW or W3 is discovered by Tim Berners-Lee in the second half of 1980s. It is basically a system of internet servers that support specially formatted documents. Let us study about World Wide Web in detail whether invention, history, benefits, disadvantages etc. through this article.

What is Domain Name System (DNS) and its Significance?

Feb 25, 2019
Indian Government will soon launch a public Domain Name System (DNS) server to protect users from malware or phishing with enhanced security features. But what is DNS, how it works, what is its importance etc. What is Domain and IP address? Let us study through this article.

Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme: Meaning, Importance and Challenges

Feb 21, 2019
Phase-II of the Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs. Let us study about Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme, its importance and challenges. Also, what is Solar Rooftop System, its benefits, impact are also discussed in the article.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Dec 12, 2018
Blockchain technology allows consumers and suppliers to connect directly, removing the need for a third party. It provides a decentralised database or digital ledger of transactions that everyone on the network can see. Or we can say it is a simple way of transaction. Let us study through this article about blockchain technology, where it is used, who invented blockchain technology, what are its advantages and disadvantages, is it safe to use etc.

What is Black Box? How does it Work?

Oct 30, 2018
The Black Box or Flight Data Recorder of an Airplane is an instrument which records all the activities of the airplane during its flight. From the security point of view, this box is generally kept at the back side of the airplane.

What is the Meaning of Net Neutrality?

May 23, 2018
The term “Net Neutrality” was coined by the law professor Tim Wu at Columbia University in 2003. Net Neutrality means that all the internet users are equally important in the eyes of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If Net Neutrality is implemented somewhere it means the users of the Facabook, Gmail, Flipkart and YouTube will receive the same speed and access on the internet.

What happens on internet in 1 minute

Jan 5, 2018
Today we are living in the era of social media. The population of the world has crossed 7.47 billion out of which 4.9 billion have mobile phones. A huge $751522 is spent on online shopping in a minute. This article is showing some very interesting facts about the activities occurring in a minute on internet.

Why Smartphone light is dangerous for health

Nov 13, 2017
Nowadays Smartphone are used by everyone, which has become an important part of life. With the help of these small devices we connect and update with each other, even this has become a great source of entertainment. The Smartphone has many benefits, but it can’t be ignored that the light coming out of the phone can cause significant damage to the health. Let's see how this light of the Smartphone is harmful for health.

What is the difference between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi Technology

Jul 27, 2017
Electronic devices and network technology plays an important role in our life. Wi-Fi technology is wireless local area network technology which allow electronic device to access internet. Whereas Li-Fi technology is a light based communication technology that delivers a high-speed, bidirectional network and mobile communication. This article deals how these technology works and what is the main difference between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi technology.

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