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National Doctor’s Day 2020: Current Theme, History and Objectives

14 hrs ago
National Doctor's Day is observed every year on 1st July in India to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. On this day we acknowledge the contributions of doctor's humane service to mankind. Why is National Doctor's Day celebrated on 1st July? What is the history behind the celebration, its significance and objectives? Let us have a look! legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

What is the impact of Coronavirus on Indian Economy?

Mar 25, 2020
COVID-19 death toll globally crosses 19,658 on 25 March 2020. In India, cases rise to 606 and 10 deaths. COVID-19 is spreading in the world. How it will impact the Indian Economy? Let us find out!  

Why are Ventilators important to fight COVID-19?

Mar 25, 2020
A ventilator is a machine that helps those patients who cannot breathe properly on their own due to any reason. It is also known as other names such as - Breathing machine or respirator or mechanical ventilator etc. Around 5% of COVID-19 patients need a ventilator to breathe properly.

What is ‘Meghalayan Age’ in Earth’s history?

Mar 24, 2020
Do you know that scientists have discovered a new age in the history of the Earth and named it after the name of India's Meghalaya? This has been called as ‘Meghalayan Age’. Let us study through this article what is the Meghalayan Age, how it has been calculated, etc.

What is Pasteurised milk? Is there any difference between Pasteurised and Homogenised milk?

Mar 24, 2020
The milk that we get from the nearby shops in the packet is known as pasteurised milk. But do you know what is pasteurisation, homogenisation, how pasteurised milk is prepared, is it beneficial for health or not etc. Let us have a look!

Influenza (Flu) Viruses: Types, Symptoms, Naming and Vaccine

Mar 24, 2020
Influenza or flu is caused by influenza viruses. It is a contagious respiratory illness and may lead to mild to severe illness. Let us read in detail about Influenza (flu), types of influenza viruses and symptoms.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Origin, Symptoms, Types and Infected countries

Mar 23, 2020
COVID-19 cases in India is increasing day by day. As of 23 March 2020, COVID-19 cases rise to 437 and 9 deaths are reported according to the ministry of health and family welfare. Let us read in detail about coronavirus and list of the countries affected due to COVID-19.    

What is Space Station and how many Space Stations are present in space?

Mar 20, 2020
The space station is a spacecraft, which support a human crew to stay in space for a long time. Would you like to know how space station work and at present how many space stations are there in the Earth's orbit? Readout this article.  

Reasons behind the earthy odour of soil after first rain

Mar 20, 2020
Have you ever noticed the earthy odour or smell that comes from the soil after the first rain? The smell makes us poetic and gives the experience of fresh soil. Is there any scientific reason behind the smell? Let us find out!  

What is Mobile Wallet and how does it work?

Mar 20, 2020
In an age of smartphones, mostly there is an app for everything. "Mobile Wallet" technology is becoming popular every day. Do you know about the mobile wallet, how is it work, its advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look!    

Why Gold does not rust?

Mar 19, 2020
We know that gold has been used in India since ancient times. Its accuracy is measured in the carat. People use it in the form of jewellery, coins, etc. You may have noticed that gold does not rust like other metals but why? Let us find out!

What does Blood Group Type “A” mean?

Mar 19, 2020
A blood type is also known as a blood group. It is a classification of blood depends upon the presence and absence of antibodies. It also depends upon the inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs). Let us read in detail about the Blood Group Type “A” and ABO system.

Green Crackers: Meaning, Composition and Facts

Mar 19, 2020
Firecrackers are enjoyed by most of the children in the Diwali festival. And every time it is seen that due to crackers air pollution increases and affects health. CSIR developed green crackers which are better than previous sound-emitting crackers and other fireworks. Let us read more about green crackers, how they will help in combating air pollution, the composition of green crackers, etc.    

What is the difference between A1 and A2 milk?

Mar 19, 2020
Have you ever heard of A1 and A2 milk? What kind of milk is this, do different cow produces A1 and A2 milk, what is the speciality of this milk, what are the benefits, side effects, what is the difference between A1 and A2 milk, etc. Let us find out through this article. 

Arecibo Message: 1st International radio message to space

Mar 16, 2020
There was a radio message which was sent into space in 1974. It was known as Arecibo Message. Do you know about it? What does it contain? Why it was sent? What is the Importance of Arecibo message etc? Let us find out!

GSAT-11 India’s heaviest satellite: Launch Purpose, Features and Benefits

Mar 16, 2020
India's heaviest and most powerful communication satellite GSAT 11 was launched on 5 December, 2018 from Ariane-5 rocket of Arianespace, French Guiana. What are its salient features and why is it different from other satellites of India? Let us have a look!

Glioblastoma or GBM Grade IV cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Mar 16, 2020
Glioblastoma or GBM Grade IV is a tumour that occurs in the brain. Do you know about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of the disease? Let us find out!

What is “OneerTM”?

Mar 14, 2020
OneerTM is a technology which will be helpful in rural areas and is developed under Make in India Mission. But do you know for what purpose OneerTM is developed, what are its features, how it will work etc. Let us find out through this article.

Interesting facts about Cyanide

Mar 14, 2020
Cyanide is a chemical that can be present in different forms. This is known as the most dangerous poison. Let us study through this article about cyanide poisoning, its impact, symptoms, are all cyanides dangerous or fatal, etc.

What are the impacts of Nitrogen Pollution?

Mar 14, 2020
Nitrogen constitutes 78% of Earth’s air.  It is essential to exist life on earth but too much of everything is dangerous in the same way an excessive amount of nitrogen may be dangerous for soil, plants, living beings, etc. Let us study through this article about Nitrogen, its uses, nitrogen pollution, how is it caused, what are the impacts of nitrogen pollution, etc.

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