10 most Corrupt Countries of the World

25-APR-2016 17:39


    Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It annihilates the ethical values of the Society and germinates corrupt act of affairs like nepotism, redtapism etc.

    In most of the countries, corruption is everywhere but the causes might differ.

    Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), issued by anti-corruption organisation Transparency International (TI) and ranks them according to the corruption in the countries. The countries are scored out of 100 and the country with least score is the most corrupt. As per the ranking Somalia and North Korea are the most corrupt nations while Denmark is the least corrupt country followed by Finland and Sweden. Out of 175 countries India ranked 76th in the list of least corrupted countries having a tie with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Thailand, Tunisia and Zambia.

    Below are the most Corrupt Countries in the World:

    1. Somalia:


    It is the most corrupt country in the World. Life in Somalia is notoriously tough. Economically many people make a living from raising livestock or farming and others from fishing. Long term planning for social programs and infrastructures are difficult. According to World Bank only 29% of the country’s population has been enrolled in school and life expectancy is only 55 years.

    2. North Korea:


    Source: www.i2.cdn.turner.com

    It is the World’s most militarized country powered by Dictatorship. Laws are strict and harsh punishments are there in the country and money squandering is practiced by organisations and individuals.

    3. Afghanistan:


    Source: reuter

    Afghan military is facing an entrenched insurgency with less and less help from outside. From traffic police to high level officials, graft has become commonplace at every level of Afghan government and has sapped public support for the central administration. Exploitation of Natural Resources is also there.

    4. Sudan:


    Source: www.thumb9.shutterstock.com

    Corruption permeates all sectors and manifests itself through various forms including embezzlement of public funds, system of political patronage entrenched the fabrics of society, lack of transparency in the oil sector etc. leads to political and economic instability. Negative impact on small and

    medium sized enterprises. Corruption in police and security forces undermines internal security and allows abuses of civil and political rights.

    5. South Sudan:



    It has plunged in to civil war, economic collapse and creeping international isolation. South Sudan’s economy is currently facing a major financial squeeze with oil revenues. Conflict and corruption minimize the effectiveness of foreign investments and humanitarian donations.

    6. Equatorial Guinea:


    Corruption, poverty and repression continue to plaque Equatorial Guinea. The country’s citizens live in desperate poverty. Abundance of natural resources especially oil and gas is there. With billions of dollars these resources bring in the country but still marked by chronic hunger, a crumbling education system, frequent blackouts, poor sanitation and disease. The Open Society Justice after investigation comes to know that it is due to corruption at highest level in its government and society. Money Laundering is prevalent.

    7. Angola:


    Since three decades of conflict and instability, Angola continues to face major challenges of weak governance and widespread corruption at all levels of society. Corruption manifests itself in various forms including bureaucratic, political and grand corruption, embezzlement of public resources, systematic looting of state assets and a deeply entrenched patronage system that operates outside state channels. The illicit trade in diamond has funded brutal wars and human rights abuses. A Seminal Global Witness report on the role of diamonds in funding the Angolan Civil War.

    8. Libya:


    Source: www.polpix.sueddeutsche.com

    One of those countries which has one of the toughest people justice systems. Bribe rate at more than 62 % and failing judicial and police systems. Libya has given way to complete lawlessness and corruption. Libya’s economy is at a critical juncture as security deteriorates and sectarian tensions deepen. State’s legitimacy is eroding; the government confronts daunting the challenge of stabilizing the macroeconomic environment in the midst of political turmoil. The economic infrastructure is significantly degraded and economic uncertainty remains very high.

    9. Iraq:


    Source: www.aljazeera.com

    Since the invasion of United States the country has been in total chaos. And to worsen the situation, the US pullout has created a huge power vacuum. Many different militants are fighting for power like the Kurds, the Shiites and the Sunnis. Also with the arrival of ISIS has even led to fear that the country will soon collapse. Corruption has been entrenched in the country. The country’s vast oil reserves have made it a target for war profiteers. The Cheat Sheet report says that “the future of Iraq is probably as uncertain as any country in the world. It’s very possible that the nation will dissolve and turn in to three distinct countries”.

    10. Venezuela:


    Source: www.latinogiant.com

    Corruption in Venezuela led to a desperate lack of investment in security, education and health. The discovery of oil in the early twentieth century in Venezuela has worsened political corruption. Various irregularities occurred in the purchase of food by the State and corruptions also cause violation of Human Rights. One of the main sources of corruption in Venezuela is the country’s fixed exchange rates and inflation which has created a huge gulf between the official currency exchange rates and the black market rate. Due to this importer pay bribes of up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to receive permission to ship in a product from abroad.

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