13 Parameters to Compare India and China

India vs China Economic Comparison: The bilateral trade between India and China was around USD 92.68 billion in 2019. The Defence budget of China was US$ 178 billion while the Indian defense budget is US$ 70 billion in 2020.
India vs China: Comparison
India vs China: Comparison

There are two Asian giants; India and China have some disputed issues from a long time. Both countries are trying to capture big markets in other parts of the world. Read this story to know the economic position of China and India.

1. Area

A. India

Total: 3,287,263 sq km

Land: 2,973,193 sq km

Water: 314,070 sq km

B. China

Total: 9,596,960 sq km

Land: 9,326,410 sq km

Water: 270,550 sq km


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2. Population

A. India

Total Population: 1,387,297,452 (May,2020)

B. China

 Total Population: 1,439,323,776 (May,2020)



3. Age Structure

A. India: Age structure: 

0-14 years:             28.5% (male 187,016,401/female 165,048,695)

15-24 years:          18.1% (male 118,696,540/female 105,342,764)

25-54 years:           40.6% (male 258,202,535/female 243,293,143)

55-64 years:            7% (male 43,625,668/female 43,175,111)

65 years and over:  5.8% (male 34,133,175/female 37,810,599) (2014 est.)

B. China: Age structure

0-14 years:          17.1% (male 124,340,516/female 107,287,324)

15-24 years:        14.7% (male 105,763,058/female 93,903,845)

25-54 years:        47.2% (male 327,130,324/female 313,029,536)

55-64 years:         11.3% (male 77,751,100/female 75,737,968)

65 years and over:  9.6% (male 62,646,075/female 68,102,830) (2014 est.)


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4. Population Growth Rate         

A. India: 1.25% (2014 est.)           

B. China: 0.44% (2014 est.)

5. Life Expectancy at Birth

A. India               

Total Population: 69 years

Male: 67.8 years (2019 est.)

Female: 70.4 years (2019 est.)

B. China

Total Population: 75.15 years

Male: 73.09 years

Female: 77.43 years (2014 est.)

6. Expenditures on Education & Health         

  A. India: 5.1% of GDP (2015-16)

B. China:  7.2 % of GDP (2015-16)

7. Labor force - by Occupation

A. India

Agriculture: 49%

Industry: 20%

Services: 31% (2012 est.)             

B. China

Agriculture: 33.6%

Industry: 30.3%

Services: 36.1%


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8. Unemployment Rate 

A. India: 24 % (2020)

B. China: 4.3% (2020)

As per reports of CMIE, around 27 million youth in the age group of 20-30 years lost their jobs in April 2020 due to lockdown in India.

9. SIZE of Economy  (PPP)

A. India : US$ 11,321,280 million

B. China: US$ 27,804,953 million


10. GDP Growth Rate (2020)

A. India: 1.2% (Q4,2020)

B. China: 2.3% (ADB forcaste for 2020)

11. Gross Domestic Product Composition

A. India:

Agriculture and allied sector shares 15.87%), Industry sector contributes 29.73% and Services (54.40%)

B. China: Agriculture (9.7%), Industry (43.9%) and Services (46.4%)



The service sector is the backbone of the Indian economy while it is the manufacturing sector for the economy of China.

12. External debt

A. India: US$ 564 billion by Dec. 2019

B. China: US$2 trillion dollars by June 2019

It means India is a more debt-ridden country as compared to china. As of December 2019, India had a foreign debt of US$ 564 billion, which was US$446 billion in 2014. Whereas by the end of 2019, China had a debt of US$2 trillion dollars.


image source:tradingeconomics.com

13. Defense Budget:

A. India: US$ 70 billion in Feb. 2020

B. China: US$178 billion in May 2020


So this the comparison of the 13 sectors of India and the Chinese Economy. To read more such article click on the link given below;

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