7 Countries which are not recognised by the United Nations

There are 193 sovereign countries in the world which are the members of the United Nations (UN).But do you know that there are some countries in the world which are not recognised by the United Nations. This article is explaining about such countries.
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There are 193 sovereign countries in the world which are the members of the United Nations (UN). But do you know that there are some countries in the world which are not recognised by the United Nations Organisation (UNO), despite having their own National Flag, currency and territory? Some of them issue legal passport also. This article is explaining about such countries.
Here are some nations that should be recognised as a country, but aren't.
1. Sealand:-
Official Language: English
Establishment: September 2, 1967
Total area: 0.004 sq km
Currency: Sealand dollar
Other facts: Sealand country is an elevated barge situated between Europe and United Kingdom. It resembles like a oil exploration centre. But actually it is a self independent country.
This Sealand country is 13 Kilometer far from the British coastline and can be named as the world’s smallest sovereign country.
In the year 1966 Roy Bates, a former British military serviceman, claimed his rule over it and named it the sovereign country.

2. Christiania
Official Language: Danish
Established: 1971
Total area: 0.34 sq km
Currency: Danish Krone
Total population: 850 people
Other facts: Christina is also known as “Freetown Christiania". Christina is spread over a small part of Copenhagen (Denmark).Since its establishment in 1971, there have been differences between residents of Christina and the Danish government. Today this country is open to everyone and anyone can easily go here.

chirstiania location

3. Principality of Hutt River
Official Language: English
Established: 21 April 1970
Total area: 75 sq km
Currency: Hut River Dollar
Total population: 30 full time residents,(13,000-18,000 overseas citizens)
The Province of Hutt River is a micronation in Australia. This territory is located 517 km north of Perth near Northampton city in Western Australia continent. This state has its own currency, postage stamp and passport, but it is not recognized by the Australian Government or any other government.

4. Murrawarri Republic
Official language: Murarawari, Australian and English
Establishment: March 30, 2013
Total area: 81,000 sq km
Currency: Australian Dollar
Population: 3,500 people
Other facts: The Republic of Murravya is a small country which separated its entity from Australia in 2013. This country is spread in a small area on the borders of New South Wales and Queensland.
People from the Republic of Murravy had sought freedom from Queen of England and Prime Minister of Australia but their demand did not fullfilled. So the People from the Republic of Murravy had constituted a temporary council, whose chairman is Fred Hooper.

5. Crimea
Official Language: Russian, Ukrainian
Total area: 27,000 sq km
Currency: Ukrainian Ruble
Total population: 2,284,000
Other facts: Crimea is spread over an area of 27,000 square kilometers, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea. It is completely surrounded by sea and its terrestrial border meets only one country i.e. Ukraine. In 1783 Russia had occupied Crimea and annexed it into the Soviet Union. But in 1991 it became the part of Ukraine.

6. The Republic of Lakotah
Establishment: December 19, 2007
Total area: 200,000 square km.
Currency: US Dollar
Total population: Around 10,000 people
Other facts: It is located in the middle of North America. In 18th century, the residents of this area signed an agreement with American government which permitted them to live in the Black Hills, a place famous for gold production.
Eventually in 2007 the residents of Lakota announced a formal withdrawal from the agreement and declared them an independent state and still fighting for their independence.
republic of lakotah
7. Barotseland
Official Language: Lozi, English
Total area: 3,68,823 sq km
Total Population: 5,153,405
Other facts: Barotseland is a region between Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola. It is the homeland of the Lozi people or Barotse. There are more than 20 tribes here.
In the conclusion it can be said that all the countries mention above are very small countries whose territory is confined under the well recognised countries of the world.

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