A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words! You Just Need To Find Them In This Optical Illusion Image

Can you find the hidden words in this optical illusion image in just 15 seconds?
Find the hidden words in the image
Find the hidden words in the image

Visuals excite everyone. There is some beauty attached to visuals; even without words, visuals can not only deliver messages but also create a long-lasting impact. Our minds can read visuals quickly and efficiently. Moreover, a picture has the capacity to speak even the most intricate emotions that even the most accurate jargon may fail to describe. A picture talks about the importance of silence, and how a picture is independent to tell its own story without clinging to some words.


But what if we tell you, the optical illusion image we are going to present to you right now actually has a few words hidden in it? All you have to do is find the hidden words!


Excited? Well, so are we. Let’s get started!

Here Are The Guidelines!


Let’s spill some beans here. The image contains 6 words. If you are able to find even 4, we’ll be glad to consider you super smart!

Hey, why not have a grade sheet here?

The number of words spotted


All 6



Super Smart




Good Thinker

Now, it is easy to find all 6 words when you take your own sweet time, but remember, every challenge comes with a time frame! 


To find all 6 words, you will get not more than 15 seconds.


Set your phone on a timer for 15 seconds and get started!


The Twist!


Have we ever presented a challenge without an interesting twist? Just below the image, you will get a tiny paragraph that may have all the six words you are looking for in the image. Let’s get started!


Here Is The Image!

Image Source: Logical Brain (YouTube)

When heaven showers its love through the clouds, there is no heart that would not want to jump into the puddle of freshness. The monsoon never fails to quench the thirst of the heart to feel enlivened. While the storm and breeze represent changes, the wet soil of the season represents the importance of staying grounded amidst those changes. And oh, just when the rain stops, the damp clothes and the fragrance of the soil bring back the spark of life within the human that was stuck in the mundane cycle of everyday life. That is the beauty of monsoons!

Come on, you may find all the six words right in the paragraph above. Look for the words in the image as quickly as you can.

Optical Illusion: Can You Spot the Hidden Moth in 9 Seconds?

Time is slipping away! Hurry up!








STOP! Here Are The Words Hidden!

Image Source: Logical Brain (YouTube)

The six words hidden in the image were:


  • DAMP
  • WET


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