Dussehra 2022: The festival is celebrated on October 5, 2022. On this occasion, let us have a look at some interesting facts about Ravana.
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10 Amazing Facts about Ravana

Dussehra 2022: Dussehra term is related to the killing of the 10-headed demon Ravana and so Dussehra literally means removal as well take away 10 sins. It is believed that Dussehra rituals are intended to get rid of the 10 human weaknesses and also bad qualities from the person. This year, Dussehra will be celebrated on October 5.

Ravana was a prime antagonist character in the epic Ramayana. He had six brothers and two sisters namely Lord Kubera, Vibhishana, Kumbhakarna, King Khara, Dushana, King Ahiravan, Kumbhini, and Surpanakha.

According to Ramayana, Ravana had lost the battle fought with Lord Rama. This battle was fought because Ravana kidnapped Sita. He was well versed with knowledge basically in architecture, scriptures, and astrology i.e why he had ten heads. He had also written books on Tantra Shashtra and an astrology book named Ravana Samhita which is the best book in astrology. Due to this, he was very over-confident and egoistic. But finally, he was killed by Lord Rama.

10 Amazing and Interesting facts about Ravana

1. Do you know that Ravana got his name from Shiva later in life?

It happened when Ravana wanted Shiva to relocate from Kailash to Lanka, for this he lift the mountain. But Shiva put down his foot onto the mountain and crushed the Ravana’s finger with his one toe. Ravana roar with pain but he knew Shiva’s power and so he started performing Shiva Tandav Strotam. And it is said that Ravana had designed the lute known as Rudra-Veena using one of his 10 heads as the lute’s gourd, from one of his arms as the beam and his nerves as the string. By seeing this Shiva got impressed and named him Ravana, the person who roars loud.

2. Amazing to know is that Ravana had performed a Yagya for Rama and when he was dying, he had imparted valuable knowledge to Lakshmana.

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According to Ramayana, it is said that Rama’s army created the bridge to Lanka, For this, they set up a Yagya for Shiva's blessings. And the biggest truth at that time was that Ravana was the biggest bhakt of Shiva in the entire world. He was half Brahman also. Therefore, he was the best person to perform yagya. In this way,  Ravana performed the yagya and gave Rama his blessings.

Also, we all know that Ravana was the most learned scholar to ever lived. Ram told Lakshmana to sit beside Ravana when he was dying and learn important lessons in statecraft and diplomacy.

3. Pushpak Vimana was an aircraft that only few could master it and Ravana learned to control it on its own. Ravana had a number of such airplanes and even had airports to land.

Weragantota in Mahiyangana, Thotupola Kanda at Horton Plains, Wariyapola in Kurunegala and Gurulupotha in Mahiyangana are some of the places in Sri Lanka that are still referred as airports and Ravana used them. Also, Ravana was an extraordinary Veena player as it is believed that he had a keen interest in music.

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4. Ravana was a man of immense speed. He had mastered the technique of being faster than anyone and could thus escape all attempts at capture. He was so powerful that he can change planetary alignments.

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As, during the birth of his son Meghnad, Ravana had instructed planets to stay in 11th house of the child but Shani or Saturn refused to do so and remained in 12th house. With this behaviour of Shani Dev, Ravana had imprisoned him.

5. Do you know that Kumbhkaran and Ravana were the avatars of Vishnu’s gatekeepers (Dvarapala)?

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Jaya and Vijaya were the gatekeepers or Dvarpala of Lord Vishnu at heavenly abode, Vaikuntha. Once the four Kumaras of Lord Brahma visited Lord Vishnu at Vaikuntha. These four Kumaras choose to take the path of Bramacharya (Celibacy) and requested their divine father to bestow upon them the boon that they eternally remain five years old.

Thinking that they were mischievous children, Jaya and Vijaya stopped them from entering the gates of Vaikuntha and told them Vishnu was resting and could not be able to see him at that point of time. Angered by this, the Kumaras reported to them that Vishnu was always available for their devotees, at whatever time they call him.

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They then cursed Jaya and Vijaya by saying that they would be parted from their Lord. When they asked for forgiveness, then Kumaras said that they could either spent seven lifetimes on earth as Vishnu’s avatars allies or three lifetimes as their enemies. They had chosen the latter one. In one of these three lifetimes they were born as Ravana and Kumbhakaran.

6. We know that Ravana kidnapped Sita, strange and amazing is that according to Jain version of the ‘Ramayana’, Ravana was the father of Sita and he was against casteism.

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Both Rama and Ravana were devout of Jains. Ravana was a Vidyadhara king having magical powers. According to Jain accounts it is said that Ravana was killed by Lakshmana and not Rama. These incidents are placed at the time of 20th Tirthankara, Munisuvrata.

7. There are many things that we can learn from Ravana, even though he is a symbol of evil. He had given several Tantrik Upayas which can suddenly make you rich.

That is, on any auspicious day, get up early in the morning, do the morning routines and then visit the sacred river or reservoir. Look for a quiet and secluded spot under a tree and spread a leather seat. Sitting on the pedestal chant this wealth mantra

for 21 days. And for chanting it use Rudraksha beads.

After 21 days you will be surprised by a sudden income of wealth.

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8. Do you know the story behind Ravana’s death?

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Anarnay was an absolute majestic king in Raghuvansh. Ravana met Anarnay, when he stepped out to conquer the whole world and so, there was a fierce battle between them. King Anarnay lost his life in the battle but before dying he had cursed Ravana that he will be killed by a man born in Anarnay’s lineage. Later, Lord Rama took birth in Anarnay’s lineage and killed Ravana.

9. Strange but amazing that Ravana was aware of his impending doom.

He knew his fate that he will die by the hands of an avatar of Vishnu, and will help him to attain moksha and give up his demon form.

10. The story behind Ravana’s 10 heads is also very amazing.

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 According to some versions of Ramayana, Ravana did not have ten heads but it appeared so because of his mother nine pearls necklace given by her to Ravana that causes an optical illusion for any observer. And in some other versions, it is said that to please Shiva, Ravana chopped his own head into pieces, but after seeing his devotion Shiva made each piece spawn into another head.

His ten heads were Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Moha (delusion), Lobha (greed), Mada (pride), Maatsyasya (envy), Manas (mind), Buddhi (intellect), Chitta (will) and Ahamkara ( the ego) – all these constitute the ten heads. And so Ravana had all these ten qualities.

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