Brain Teaser to Test IQ: Find the zombie in 3 seconds!

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only the sharpest minds can spot the zombie in 3 seconds. Are you one of them? Test your intelligence now!

Sep 27, 2023, 20:00 IST
Find the Zombie in 3 Seconds
Find the Zombie in 3 Seconds

Brain teaser puzzles test the reader's critical thinking and problem-solving skills by challenging them to solve a problem. These challenges have the potential to boost intelligence and improve concentration.


A brain teaser challenge mostly involves solving a puzzle, cracking a code, finding a hidden object, or detecting the fault in the image.


Regular practise of such challenges helps enhance problem-solving skills and also provides a healthy workout for the brain.


So, are you ready to test your intelligence.


Attempt this challenge now!


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Brain Teaser to Test IQ: Find the Zombie in 3 Seconds

Source: YouTube


In the image shared above, a basketball match is going on and the crowd can be seen cheering for their favourite team.


There is a zombie in the crowd.


Can you find it in 3 seconds?


This brain teaser is going to test your visual and critical thinking skills.


Your time starts now!


Look at the image and study it carefully.


Have you spotted the zombie?


Hurry up; time is running out.


Study the image attentively; you might be very close to spotting the zombie.




Time’s up.


Did you manage to spot the zombie?


Congratulations to those readers who have spotted the zombie.


Those who couldn’t can scroll below for the solution. 


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Find the Zombie in 3 Seconds: Solution

The lady with the ponytail is the zombie.

If you loved solving this brain teaser, share it with your friends and family and see who guesses the answer faster than others.


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