Daman Thakore, the business tycoon, and his Silk Road exploration in a vintage car!

Daman Thakore, the business tycoon, and his Silk Road. Let's know a bit about the adventure.

Sep 27, 2023, 23:04 IST
Daman Thakore and his expedition!
Daman Thakore and his expedition!

Who said businessmen only do business? Some step out for exploration too. An Indian business tycoon, Daman Thakore is not only involved in business but is also a passionate traveler who commenced on an interesting journey across the spice route. He is not alone in the journey; his "Red Angel" or Lal Pari" is going to accompany him. Lal Pari is actually his beloved 1950 model car. The expedition has led the man to Cappadocia,  Turkiye's famous tourist destination.

Thakore is a fifty-year-old business tycoon. He started the journey from Ahmedabad on August 12. Next, he traveled to Dubai through the maritime route. He then traveled through Iran and finally to Turkiue.

Thakore expressed, "This place is truly unlike any other, with its unique and breathtaking beauty. Cappadocia boasts the most stunning vistas I've ever witnessed in my life."

The car was a classic beauty- a 73-year-old red car. The adventure spanned 12,000 kilometers. The journey of the man is aimed at reaching London, as it was the place where the car was manufactured originally.

The man traveled at the speed of 60 kph. It took the businessman 42 days to reach Cappadocia.

When the man intended to express his connection with the car, the man said, "We've had this vehicle since I was 3 years old, and I practically grew up in it. As a child, my mother used to regale me with stories of 'Lal Pari' and its adventures. Now, I am essentially reliving those tales as I journey from India to London. When we reach Istanbul, we will have completed half of our voyage. Subsequently, we will continue traveling for approximately another month. Upon reaching London, the logistical challenges of returning by land would significantly affect my work. Therefore, we will opt for air travel for our return journey, while our vehicle will journey back by sea."

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