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Mini Crossword with Answers

Crossword puzzle was first created by a journalist named Arthur Wynne that was published in the New York World on December 21, 1913. Crossword puzzles became a popular pastime in both the US and the Europe by 1920s. Crossword is a great way to challenge your mind while making learning new things enjoyable. Crossword puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, from mini crosswords to complex cryptic puzzles.

Play daily free crossword puzzles online on Jagran Josh. Develop your language skills, vocabulary, idioms & phrases, general awareness, current affairs, and knowledge of various topics that we cover in our mini crossword puzzles every day.

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Mini Crossword: June 8, 2023 

Solve this mini crossword with the clues provided below. Check the answers provided below:


2. To stop something from happening (7 letters)
3. Feeling under the weather (4 letters)


1. To be very busy (7 letters)

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Mini Crossword Answers: June 8, 2023


2. Prevent

3. Sick


1. Swamped

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