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On this Day, July 12: Check what is special today!

Shikha Goyal

What is special in the history of India and the world on July 12. Let us have a look!

On this day, July 12 several personalities' birthdays fall like Y. V. Chandrachud, Sukhadeo Thorat, Vandana Luthra, Munaf Patel, etc. and Dara Singh died on the same day.

On this Day, July 12: Check what is special in Indian History!

1920 - Y. V. Chandrachud or Yeshwant Vishnu Chandrachud was born on July 12, 1920. He was the 16th Chief Justice of India. He has served from 22 February 1978 to the day he retired on July 11, 1985. He was first appointed to the Supreme Court of India in August, 1972.  He is the longest-serving Chief Justice in the history of India.

1928 - Munirathna Anandakrishnan was born on July 12, 1928. He was an Indian civil engineer, educationist and chairman of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He was also a Vice-Chancellor of Anna University. He was a winner of the National Order of Scientific Merit (Brazil). In 2002, he was honoured by the Government of India with Padma Shri, the fourth-highest Indian civilian award.

1630 - Governor of New Amsterdam bought Gull Island from Indians for cargo then renames it Oyster Island and later known as Ellis Island.

1949 - Sukhadeo Thorat was born on July 12, 1949. He is an economist. He was the former chairman of the University Grants Commission. He has received awards for Public Service for Marginalized groups, Minorities and Education.

1959 - Vandana Luthra was born on July 12, 1959. She is an Indian Entrepreneur and the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd. In 1989, she began a humble beginning with the opening of a beauty and slimming services centre in New Delhi. She has won several allocades in India and Internationally. In 2013, she was awarded the Padma Shri for her immense contribution to Trade and Industry.

1983 - Munaf Patel was born on July 12, 1983. He is a former Indian cricketer who played all formats of the game. In the Duleep Trophy, he played for the West Zone. He also played in Gujarat, Mumbai cricket team and Maharashtra cricket team in the domestic arena.

1996 - Sanjivani Baburao Jadhav was born on July 12, 1996. She is an Indian long-distance athlete at 5000m and 10,000m. 

2002 - Ghanshyambhai C. Oza died on July 12, 2002. He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, India from 17 March 1972 to 17 July, 1973. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Saurashtra State from 1948 to 1956. 

2012 - Dara Singh died on July 12, 2002 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He was an Indian professional wrestler, actor and politician. In 1952, he started acting and was the first sportsman to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha of India. In the film Bajrangbali, his role of Hanuman made him popular and in Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana also.

On this Day, July 12:  Paper Pag Day and National Simplicity Day observed

Paper Pag Day -  It is observed on  July 12 to spread awareness about using paper bags instead of plastic to help reduce plastic pollution. Plastic waste takes thousands of years to decompose. Therefore, it is important to understand the ill effects of single-use plastic bags.

National Simplicity Day - It is celebrated on  July 12  annually to honour Henry David Thoreau who advocates the life of simplicity.

Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra 2021: Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra began on 12 July, 2021. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, devotees can virtually celebrate the festival by watching the proceedings of Rath Yatra on television, wishing friends and family on social media, also by cooking traditional delicacies, etc.

Some other notable events that took place on July 12 in the world 

1109 - Syria's harbour city of Tripoli was captured by Crusaders.

1442 - King Alfonso V of Aragon becomes King of Naples

1537 - Battle of Albancay - On behalf of Francisco Pizarro, an army led by Alonso de Alvarado defeated Diego de Almagro.

1580 - Ostrog Bible, which is the first printed Bible in a Slavic language was published.

1679 - Habeas Corpus Act was ratified by Britain's King Charles II. The act allowed prisoners right to be imprisoned to be examined by a court.

1690 - Victory of Boyne: Protestant King William III defeats English Catholic King James II in Ireland

1700 - Gregorian calendar was accepted by Gelderland.

1771 - James Cook sails Endeavour back to Downs, England

1785 - First managed flight by gas balloon in the Netherlands

1790 -  French revolution: The Civil Constitution of the Clergy is adopted, putting the Catholic Church in France under the control of the state.

1801 - Second battle of Algeciras in which British fleet defeated French and Spanish 

1817 - First flower show held in Dannybrook, County Cork, Ireland.

1850 - Dutch second Chamber accepted the establishment of Provincial States.

1862 - US Congress authorizes Medal of Honour

1874 - Agricultural College in Ontario founded

1879 - In Germany, Agricultural and Industrial tariffs were introduced

1898 - Jean-Baptiste Marchand hoists French flag in Fashoda, Sudan

1902 - Australian parliament agrees to female suffrage

1905 - For ten years, the British and Japanese renew their alliance and agree to provide mutual support if attacked by other power.

1912 - First foreign feature film exhibited in US named "Queen Elizabeth" in NYC

1920 - Peace treaty was signed between Lithuania and USSR.  Lithuania becomes an independent republic.

1928 - First televised tennis match

1932 - A first-class cricket record was established by Hedley Verity by taking all ten wickets for only ten runs against Nottinghamshire on a pitch affected by a storm.

1933 - First minimum wage law was passed by Congress.

1935 - Belgium recognises the Soviet Union

1943 - Battle of Kolombangara (Second Battle of Gulf of Kula)

1943 - National Committee Freies Deutschland formed

1943 - World War II: Battle of Prokhorovka in which Russians defeated German forces in one of the largest ever tank battles.

1948 - 1st jets to fly across Atlantic 

1952 - East German SED decides to form German DR army

1954 - Major League Baseball Players Association founded

1955 - In Argentina, Christian Democratic Party was formed.

1957 - First president to fly in helicopter named Dwight Eisenhower

1957 -  Smoking with lung cancer was connected by the US Surgeon General Leroy Burney.

1960 - An independence was declared by the Congo, Chad, and Central African Republic

1960 -  USSR's Sputnik 5 launched with 2 dogs

1962 - First time two manned crafts in space (USSR)

1975 - The island nation of Sao Tome and Principe was granted independence from Portugal.

1976 -  First "Family Feud" game show debuts on ABC hosted by Richard Dawson

1979 - Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands) declares independence from the UK

1988 - USSR launched Phobos II for Martian orbit

1993 - 7.8 earthquake hits Hokkaido Japan, 160 killed

1996 - First "Super 8's" tournament was started in Kuala Lumpur

2006 - Operation True Promise was initiated by the Hezbollah

2012 - 45th San Diego Comic-Con International opens at San Diego Convention Center

2013 -  Malala Yousafzai addresses the United Nations. She calls for worldwide access to education.

2017 - Largest Iceberg of the World breaks away from Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica of about 6,000 sq km in length.

2018 -  World's longest fingernails cut off. The nail of Shridhar Chillal's measured 909.6cm after growing for 66 years.

2018 - The first woman nominated for an Emmy award in a leading role for "Killing Eve" was Sandra Oh.







Who's birthday is on July 12?

Y. V. Chandrachud, Munirathna Anandakrishnan, Sukhadeo Thorat, Vandana Luthra, Munaf Patel, etc. birthday's fall on July 12.

When is National Simplicity Day observed?

National Simplicity Day is observed on 12 July every year to honour Henry David Thoreau who advocates the life of simplicity.

When is Paper Bag Day observed?

Paper Bag Day is observed on 12 July to spread awareness about using paper bags instead of plastic to reduce plastic pollution.

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