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Who is Sanjeev Chawla? The Mastermind behind the Match Fixing Scandal in the year 2000

The match-fixing scandal in the early 2000s hit the cricket world very hard. Some world-famous players were found to be involved in this scandal. Recently the main accused of this scandal I.e. Sanjeev Chawla has been extradited to the Indian authorities by the UK Court.

Sandeep Chawla is extradited to India after the gap of around 20 years. He was extradited to India as per the India-UK extradition treaty 1992.

As per the documents presented in the UK court, Sanjeev Chawla was a Delhi-born businessman who moved to the United Kingdom on a business visa in 1996 and later on became a British citizen in 2000.

What is Match-fixing?

Match-fixing is a tactic initiated by the network of the bookies. These bookies try to bribe players generally to underperform. In simple words; a batsman accepts to get out on lesser runs and a bowler agrees to spend more runs or bad bowling. So in the match-fixing scandals; the players are offered money for under-performance.

These bookies earn a lot of money through betting with other speculators. Some speculators assume that a particular player will score a century or 5 wickets in the match and others say no he won’t. So they fix a bet. Ultimately the rich bookies affect the performance of the players by offering them money.

Sandeep Chawla match-fixing scandal history;

In 2000 match-fixing scandal; bookie Sanjeev Chawla and other accused had offered money to Indian and South African players for under-performance.

This scandal had tool place when the South African cricket team was touring India in Jan/Feb 2000. Delhi police revealed that it has conversation records of South African captain Hansie Cronje and a bookie, Sanjay Chawla. These both were talking about ODI match-fixing.

This scandal was exposed and the main accused in the 2000 cricket match-fixing i.e. Sanjeev Chawla was arrested in London on 14 June 2000. King Commission was set up to investigate the matter.

As per media reports Hansie Cronje admitted to accepting $10,000-15,000 from a London based bookie. Although he denied fixing any match.

Herschelle Gibbs revealed to King Commission that he was offered $15,000 by the then captain Hansie Cronje for scoring fewer runs. He also told the commission that bowler Henry Williams was also offered money to give more runs. However, both allegedly declined the offer later on.

Hansie Cronje said that he was introduced to a bookie by then captain Mohammad Azharuddin for the first time. Later on, Azhar had confessed to the Central Bureau of Investigation about fixing three ODI matches and he was banned for life by the BCCI on 5 December 2000.

South African players involved in the 2000 match-fixing scandal;

1. Hansie Cronje

2. Herschelle Gibbs

3. Nicky Boje

4. Pieter Strydom

Indian Players players involved in the 2000 match-fixing scandal;

1. M. Azharuddin

2. Ajay Jadeja

3. Manoj Prabhakar

4. Ajay Sharma

Now the Sandeep Chawla has been handed over to the Delhi police but the Indian government has to follow the trial conditions promised to British court regarding the punishment of the accused. He must be kept in a separate cell for security reasons. Now it can be expected that the truth behind the match-fixing scandal of 2000 will come out soon.

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