Google Doodle celebrated Marcel Marceau or popularly known as Blip the Clown today on his 100th birthday. Check Who was he, his childhood, early life, career, achievements, and more here.
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Who Was Marcel Marceau? Google Doodle Celebrates The World-Famous Mime Artist On His 100th Birthday

Google Doodle celebrated Marcel Marceau or popularly known as Blip the Clown today on his 100th birthday.  a French actor and mime artist who referred to mime as the "art of silence,". He performed professionally worldwide for over 60 years. 

Who Was Marcel Marceau?

  •  French mime artist Marcel Marceau was an actor and master of silence.
  • He was born on this day in 1923 in Strasbourg, France.
  • His birth name is Marcel Mangel and during the German occupation of France, he changed his surname to Marceau to avoid being identified as Jewish.

Marcel Marceau: Biography


22 March 1923, Strasbourg, France


22 September 2007, Cahors, France


Michel Marceau, Aurélia Marceau, Camille Marceau, Baptiste Marceau


Anne Sicco (m. 1975–2007), Huguette Mallette (m. ?–1958)


Alain Marceau


Charles Mangel, Anne Werzberg


Early life and childhood

  •  Marceau was introduced to movies in his childhood and dreamed of starring in silent films since then.
  • The young artist used to entertain his friends with impersonations of famous actors and mimes. 
  • Not only that but he would later use his silent acting skills to help smuggle Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied France.
  •  He used pantomimes to keep children calm during risky junctures on the journey to the Switzerland border.
  •  Marceau made three trips like these and helped liberate at least 70 children during World War II.

Education and Career

  • Marceau studied dramatic acting and mime at the School of Dramatic Art of the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre in Paris after the war was over.
  • He began playing his famous character Bip the Clown in 1947. 
  • The image of him was of a tragicomic figure with a striped shirt, white face paint, and a battered beflowered hat. 
  • According to Google, Bip explored the range of human emotions and his actions spoke louder than words could. 
  • Later he founded the Compagnie de Mime Marcel Marceau which was the only pantomime company in the world at the time, to develop the art of silence. 
  • Moreover, the mime artist performed on transcontinental tours and introduced people around the world to the art of miming. 
  • Millions would recognize him through television and movie appearances.
  • In 1973, he played the role of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol for which he earned an Emmy for Best Specialty Act for his 1956 appearance on the Max Liebman Show of Shows. 
  • Some of his stand-out performances in the motion picture realm include the 17 roles he played in the film First Class and his silent role in Shanks. 
  • Not only the artist won hearts through acting Marceau also directed a mime drama and published two children's books.

The Google Doodle

The Google Doodle portrayed an animated version of Marcel Marceau in his signature look, striped shirt, and white face expressing without any sound. With a grey background, the eye-pleasing pantomime video displayed an uncanny impression of the artist.

“Happy birthday, Marcel Marceau, you specialized in silence but continue to leave audiences roaring with laughter.” Google wrote


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