Anti Valentine Week 2023: Full List - Slap Day, Breakup Day, and More

Anti-Valentine Week Days 2023: The week for singles and heartbroken people. Know about the Anti Valentine Week List, its significance, and more in this article.
Anti Valentine Week
Anti Valentine Week

Anti Valentine Week 2023:The second month of the year, February features a full Cycle of Love rather than just a love week. since it begins with Rose and ends on Valentine's Day? No, it ends on February 21, which is Breakup Day.

This week comes right after Valentine's Day, and even though it has nothing to do with romance or companionship, it typically serves as a detox after the love festival. This week is all about everything that isn't love, starting with Slap Day on February 15, and ending with Break-Up Day on February 21. For all single and heartbroken souls, Anti-Week Valentine's is a lot of fun.

Valentine's Week Days 2023 Full List

Anti-Valentine Week 2023 Full List 

The most fortunate people get to celebrate Anti-Valentine Day instead of Valentine's Day with the love of their life. Check out the complete list here if you weren't aware of the week of anti-love:

Anti-Valentine Dates

Anti-Valentine Week Days

15th February 2023

Slap Day

16th February 2023

Kick Day

17th February 2023

Perfume Day

18th February 2023

Flirting Day

19th February 2023

Confession Day

20th February 2023

Missing Day

21st February 2023

Break Up Day

Bank Holidays in February 2023

Anti-Valentine Week Day-Wise Significance

People who are not in a romantic relationship can use the information below to get scheduling ideas for Anti-Valentine Week's various Days, each of which has its significance.

Slap Day

Slap Day, observed annually on February 15th, marks the beginning of the Anti-Week Valentine's. It provides the ideal opportunity to slam the door on your cheating ex and the traumatic events connected to them.

Kick Day

As part of Anti Valentine's Week, Kick Day is observed on the second day. The date is February 16. On this day, people are supposed to kick out all the negativity and bad vibes that their ex-partners left behind. Also, the gifts, emotional turmoil, and heavy emotional and mental baggage left by him.

Perfume Day

The third day of the Anti-Week Valentine's is known as Perfume Day on February 17. The main goal of Perfume Day is to pamper yourself and enjoy the experience. You should always be your favorite, and taking care of your appearance is an important self-care practice.

Flirting Day

This year, the fourth day of Anti-Week, Valentine's Flirting Day, falls on Saturday, February 18. The act of flirting can indicate entertainment or friendship. It can be a means of connecting and the start of getting to know someone. This is the day to approach someone you like with a date request or to use that pickup line you've been saving.

Confession Day

We all harbour unspeakable secrets. Do we not? But eventually, it starts to boil over, and we need to let our emotions out. The ideal time to confess the qualities you disliked about your partner or that bothered you greatly during your relationship is on Confession Day. By doing this, your heart will become lighter, and you'll feel wonderful.

Missing Day

This year, Missing Day falls on Monday, February 20. The final day of Anti-Week Valentine's is today. Being betrayed by a loved one can be incredibly painful. It just seems like the pain won't go away easily. The anti-Valentine Week's Missing Day is devoted to all those who deeply miss their long-lost partner or deceased spouse and are unable to move past their memories. Since it's acceptable to miss those joyful moments. But avoid texting your ex and then regretting your choice.

Break-Up Day

Breakup Day, which falls on Tuesday, February 21 this year, marks the end of the Anti-Week. Valentine's The anti-valentine week's final day is the ideal time to choose freedom and end your relationship with your clingy, domineering, and envious partner. Breakup Day is the ideal time to do the same and choose freedom if you are sick of being in a toxic relationship that has disrupted your mental peace. Additionally, this day promotes the idea that while things go up and down, life and the desire to live it should be permanent.

Why is Anti-Valentine Week celebrated?

It can be extremely painful to have your heart broken in a romantic relationship, and the pain just doesn't seem to go away easily. All those who sincerely miss their long-lost partner or deceased spouse and are unable to let go of their memories are honoured during the anti-valentine week.

Anti-Week, Valentine's however, is not as depressing as it may seem. Many couples choose to celebrate for the entire week, going on fun outings each day. On February 21, the last day of Anti-Valentines Week, people who celebrate Break Up Day find it less amusing.

Anti-Week Valentine's celebration will make the lives of those who have been brokenhearted quite simple and convenient. The simple idea behind the celebration is to get an escape from regular life and celebrate it every day with different themes. So, you lovely heartbroken souls out there, get ready with your anti-love potions!

Happy Anti-Valentine Week!

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