Atheist and agnostic philosopher: Gilles Deleuze

Gilles Deleuze was a French philosopher who, from the early 1960s until his death, wrote influentially on philosophy, literature, film, and fine art.
Created On: Jan 2, 2013 16:13 IST

Name: Gilles Deleuze
Born: 18 January 1925
Birthplace: Paris, France
Died: 4 November 1995 (aged 70)
: Paris, France
Era: 20th-century philosophy
: Western philosophy
: Continental philosophy, empiricism
Main interests: Aesthetics, history of Western philosophy, metaphilosophy, metaphysics
Notable ideas: Affect, assemblage, body without organs, deterritorialization, line of flight, plane of immanence, rhizome, schizoanalysis

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