Big News! Around 200 new planets have been discovered outside the solar system in 2022!

Astronomers always have this germ of eagerness to know the unknown areas of the universe. Luckily, in the year 2022, around 200 new plants were discovered outside the solar system. Excited? Let’s know the full story better.
200 New planets found!
200 New planets found!

Mankind has always been grateful for the blue planet but always looked at the sky with great hope to discover the unknown. We have never been satisfied with simply walking on the land; we look up to the stars, moon, and sun, with the dual intention of admiring their beauty and getting to know these celestial bodies better.


And when mankind shook hands with science; the discoveries were great. Astronomers have tried hard and succeeded in knowing other bodies in space. What interests astronomers and astronauts a lot are looking for planets similar to Earth in resources and life-sustaining possibilities. Luckily, in the year 2022, 200 new planets have been discovered outside the solar system.


This paves way for the man to transcend in the future.


The year 2022 has been proven to be highly rewarding and enthralling for astronomers from across the globe as they were able to make the discovery of 200 unique planets. A few of these newly found planets have been primed for in-depth observations with the help of the James Webb Space Telescope and many others.


At the very beginning of the year 2022, the exoplanet catalog had less than 5,000 planets.


As the year comes closer to its end, the same catalog having names of possibly habitable planets has a total of 5,235 exoplanets.


NASA is super proud. In one of its recent tweets, it said,


"We started the year with fewer than 5,000 confirmed exoplanets. We end with 5,235 known worlds. About 4% are rocky planets like Earth or Mars. What will the new year bring? More planets!"

The exoplanet catalogs till now have multiple varied ranges of worlds, based on their characteristics and composition. These worlds include gas giants, Earth-like rocky worlds, and supremely hot Jupiter-like bodies.


Not to miss, the list also comprises ``super-Earths”. These are possible rocky bodies bigger than our very own. Moreover, the list also includes “mini- Neptunes''. These are tinier versions of the Neptune of our solar system.


The planets discovered:

The most recent planet to be found in the year 2022 is the HD 109833 b. This is a Neptune-like exoplanet. It orbits a G-type star. As per NASA, the mass of this Neptune-like exoplanet is 8.69 Earths. Moreover, it takes 9.2 days in all to finish one orbit of its star. The planet was found with the help of a transit method. This is because astronomers had a look at the star and found a dip in its light each time the object appeared in front of it.


Additionally, astronomers also discovered two exoplanets orbiting a red dwarf star. The star was unlike any other found before and had a strange composition, making it highly unique.

The two planets thus discovered are filled with water. These are situated in a planetary system that is 218 light-years away in the constellation Lyra.


The planets are around one and a half times the size of our own planet, Earth. These were discovered by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope.

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