Brain Teaser Challenge: Can you identify the fake vampire in the castle in 5 seconds? Put Your Smarts To Test!

This brain teaser is going to test your smarts. Try and see if you can spot the fake vampire in the castle in 5 seconds.
Brain Teaser Challenge: Spot the fake vampire in 5 seconds
Brain Teaser Challenge: Spot the fake vampire in 5 seconds

Feeling tired lately? Like you don't want to do anything, but have to because… life? 

These are signs of burnout. What you need is plenty of rest and a refresher. 

Luckily for you, we have a solution for it. Brain teasers are a tried and tested way to boost mood and provide your brain with a much-needed freshener. 

When solved on a regular basis, brain teasers are known to greatly improve lateral thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Acting as the cherry on the top of the cake, brain teasers are also super fun to solve. 

So, are you ready to have some fun and exercise your brain at the same time?

We hope you are because we have a visual brain teaser lined up for you that will require you to coordinate your senses with your brain. 

This brain teaser's answer is provided at the end of this article. But hold off on going straight to the answer.

We will begin whenever you are ready.

Shall we?

Brain Teaser Challenge: Spot the fake vampire in 5 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s brain teaser. 


Source: Bright Side

In this brain teaser picture puzzle, you can see that there are four non-humans in a castle room. Don’t go by their human-like appearance, they are blood-sucking vampires. Out of the four vampires, one is actually faking it to fit in. There is a human among these real vampires and you have to identify them. 

Can you?

Well, this is brain riddle is a challenge, you have limited time to solve it. You are getting 5 seconds to identify the vampire in the room. Can you pass this challenge?

Let’s put your intelligence to the test with this brain puzzle. 

Get ready because the challenge is about to begin. 

And your time starts now!

Good luck, people. 

(Also, keep Holy Water with you to protect yourselves from these nightly creatures.)

Time’s limited. So, pay real close attention to the puzzle, if you want to solve this. 

Have you found the fake vampire yet?

The clock’s ticking. 

Hurry up. 

And 3


Time’s up!

Were you able to spot the fake vampire in 5 seconds?

If you were, then congrats Champ. You are one intelligent human.
Scroll down to see the solution to this brain teaser picture puzzle. 

Brain Teaser Solution

In this brain teaser picture puzzle, you had to identify the fake vampire in the castle in 5 seconds. If you were unable to solve this online riddle, then see below for its solution. 


Source: Bright Side

We hope you had the pleasure of solving this puzzle with us.

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