Brain Teaser Challenge: You Have The Eyes Of an Owl If You Tell Which Column Is Darker in 11 Seconds?

Here’s a fun brain teaser challenge for you to solve. In the given grid of horizontal black-and-white lines, some grey boxes are enclosed. You have to tell which group of columns is darker: A or B.

Mudit Chhikara
Jun 4, 2023, 17:00 IST
Brain Teaser Challenge: You Have The Eyes Of an Owl If You Tell Which Column is Darker in 11 Seconds?
Brain Teaser Challenge: You Have The Eyes Of an Owl If You Tell Which Column is Darker in 11 Seconds?

Brain Teaser Challenge: If you’re looking for a mind power test to check your perception and vision, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we bring you a powerful brain teaser challenge that’s sure to put your brain through the blender. If you wish to awaken every corner of your mind, then dive in to attempt this brain teaser challenge.

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Brain Teaser Challenge

Brain teasers are a great tool to check multiple aspects of your overall intelligence like IQ level, observation skills, cognition and vision.

The brain is a remarkable organ that we couldn’t live without. It’s what separates us from other organisms. However, our minds require regular and effective stimulation from time to time, otherwise, we begin losing brain cells. 

The overuse and dependency on social media and the internet have dulled our minds, and it’s time to reclaim our lost intelligence. Regularly solving brain teasers, optical illusions and other mind-boggling puzzles is one of the best ways you can exercise that wonderful organ atop your head.

On that note, check out this fun brain teaser challenge.

Brain Teaser Challenge: Which Set Of Boxes Is More Darker?

Brain Teaser Challenge: Which Set Of Boxes Is More Grey

Source: Brightside

In the above picture, you can see a group of columns A and B surrounded by a grid of horizontal black-and-white lines.

You have to tell which boxes appear darker, lighter or the same colour.

But remember you only have 11 seconds to come up with an answer.

So, are you ready? Let's get ready to dive in then. You have the eyes of an owl if you can correctly tell which of the columns is darker.

Your time begins now!

Brain Teaser Challenge Solution

So, did you figure out which set of columns is darker? Check your solutions here.

Brain Teaser Challenge Solution

Both the columns are of the same colour. They contain rectangular boxes of the same size and are both grey with the same tone. Neither is darker or lighter.

The mixture of horizontal running black and white lines distorts your sense of colour perception and makes the boxes look different.

Light colours look darker when combined with even lighter colours, and the same colour appears lighter when coupled with a darker tone.

Did you also get dumbfounded by this crazy phenomenon? Hopefully, you learned something new and tested your vision and observation skills.

Don’t forget to share this brain teaser challenge with others.

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