Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only A Superhuman Can Connect The Nine Dots With Four Straight Lines in 30 Seconds!

You’d have to be a superhuman to connect the nine dots in the following puzzle with four straight lines and within 30 seconds. Are you? Take this brain teaser IQ test to find out.

Mudit Chhikara
Apr 30, 2023, 13:00 IST
Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only A Superhuman Can Connect The Nine Dots With Four Straight Lines in 30 Seconds!
Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only A Superhuman Can Connect The Nine Dots With Four Straight Lines in 30 Seconds!

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Intelligence is a distinct trait of humans and makes us stand apart from other organisms on Earth. However, intelligence is not just books, exams, numbers and essays. It’s vast and consists of various types. Some people have advanced degrees but lack common sense, while some never finished school yet run successful businesses.

There are many ways to gauge a person’s intelligence, but probably none more fun than solving brain teasers, puzzles or riddles. Games or tests that are fun but also challenge the mind are a rarity, and today we have one just for you. So dive in without further delay!

Solve Fun and Exciting Brain Teasers!

Have you wondered why solving brain teasers is so exciting? It’s because the competitive nature and the quirkiness of mind games lead to the release of endorphins in the body. These are happy hormones like dopamine that make you feel excited and later satisfied when you successfully solve a puzzle.

Over time, you can adapt to solving brain teasers and expand your mind’s abilities. Yes, you can enhance your intelligence even if you weren’t born a genius. In fact, very few people are. Take this viral brain teaser iq test to see where you stand on the intellectual spectrum.

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Connect the 9 dots with 4 Straight Lines in 30 Seconds

Brain Teaser IQ Test Connect the 9 dots with 4 Lines in 30 Seconds

Source: Brightside

Observe this picture carefully. There are nine dots arranged in a square. You have 30 seconds to join all the dots with four straight lines and you cannot cross any lines with each other. Can you do it? It will require the full capacity of your brain. 

This is a viral brain teaser IQ test that has taken the internet by surprise. People have spent hours trying to solve it but to no avail. Hopefully, you will do better. So, get ready!

Your time starts now!

Tick… Tick…


Tick… Tick…

Hurry, half the time is gone already.

Have you solved this brain teaser yet? Need a hint?

Well, here it is. Your lines can extend beyond the dots-filled square. But the lines have to be straight and four in number only.

And…. Ding! Time’s up. Check the answer below.

Brain Teaser IQ Test Solution

Did you solve the brain teaser correctly? It appears really easy after checking the solution and applying common sense.

Brain Teaser IQ Test Solution

Hopefully, you had fun solving this brain teaser IQ Test and joined all the dots in time. 

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