Brain Teaser IQ Test: People with high brain capacity can spot 4 words hidden in the snow in 14 seconds. Can you?

There are four words hidden in this picture of the snowy landscape. Can you find them in a limited time? Let’s test your brain capacity with this tough brain teaser.
Brain Teaser IQ Test: Spot 4 words hidden in the snow in 14 seconds
Brain Teaser IQ Test: Spot 4 words hidden in the snow in 14 seconds

Brain Teaser IQ Test: IQ tests are often taken to determine whether someone has a high or low intelligence quotient (IQ). The test measures a person’s cognitive abilities, i.e., the capability to solve problems and reason logically.

There are several types of IQ tests, such as verbal, nonverbal, and full-scale. These tests are often exhaustive and tedious. Luckily, there is also an exciting and fun way to test your IQ- brain teasers. 

Brain teasers are probably the most fun and exciting way to measure a person’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. And we have one ready for you. 

Are you ready to challenge yourself and have some fun along the way?

Let’s get started. 

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Spot 4 words hidden in the snow in 14 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s brain teaser puzzle. 


Source: Bright Side

In this brain teaser riddle, you can see a snowy landscape. You can also see four children playing in the snow. The children are making a snowman and skiing in the snow. Apart from the  snow and the children, are four hidden words. 

The challenge is to try and find the hidden words in the given time. Since this is a test, you have limited time to find the hidden words. 

For solving this particular brain teaser, you have 14 seconds. 

Get ready. The test is about to begin. 

Your time starts now. 

All the best, guys!

We know that you will ace this test. 

Remember to look carefully at the image and spot anything that resembles an alphabet(s). 

You have limited time so act fast. 

How many words did you spot so far?

Hurry up, guys. The clock is ticking. 

The countdown will begin soon. 



And 1

Time’s up, guys.

Were you able to spot all 4 words hidden in the snow?

If yes, then congratulations. You have a high brain capacity. 

Scroll down to see the solution to this brain teaser. 

Brain Teaser Solution

In this brain teaser IQ test, you had to spot 4 words hidden in the snow in 14 seconds. If you were unable to solve this brain puzzle in the given time, you can scroll down to see its solution. 


Source: Bright Side

We hope you had fun solving this brain riddle with us. Keep visiting for more brain teasers, puzzles, and optical illusions

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