You are a genius if you can spot the ‘p’ hidden among ‘g’ in 8 seconds.

The letter p is hidden somewhere in the rows and columns of gs. Can you find it in just 8 seconds? 

Sep 22, 2023, 14:00 IST
Brain Teaser- Spot the p among gs in 8 seconds
Brain Teaser- Spot the p among gs in 8 seconds

Who doesn’t love brain teasers? 

They are probably one of the most entertaining ways to increase mental capacity, develop lateral thinking skills, and maintain memory strength. Solving these brain riddles will require inventive, thought-provoking mental processes that you will not be able to guess right away. They are also scientifically proven to be mood boosters. Also, solving them regularly can make you smarter. So, if you are having a bad day and want something to cheer you up, or are simply looking to test your brain and/or sensory organs, solve a brain teaser. 

Do not go looking for these online riddles anywhere, because we have an exciting one prepared for you. Are you up for the challenge? We sincerely hope that you are! Now then, shall we begin?

Brain Teaser- Spot the p among gs in 8 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s brain teaser picture puzzle. 

Source: Bright Side

You can see the letter g scattered across the image above. There are 137 g’s in this image and one p. 

Now, you have to spot the p hidden among the gs in this puzzle in only 8 seconds. Consider this a test of your brain and observational skills. Are you ready?

Let’s begin then. Your time starts now. Tick tock. Time’s limited, so you better hurry up and solve this riddle quickly. All the best!

Only eagle-eyed people can spot the car in the snow in 6 seconds!

We have given the answer to this brain teaser at the end. However, I would like to ask you to refrain from scrolling straight to the answer. Please, do not cheat. You will not be able to test your observational skills if you cheat. 

Have you found the letter p?

Observe the image carefully, and you will spot it easily. Scroll down to see the solution to this brain riddle. 

Brain Teaser Solution

Here is the solution to this brain teaser puzzle:

Source: Bright Side

We hope you liked this brain teaser. 

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