Brain Teaser Visual Test: You Are a Brainiac If You Can Tell Which Couple Is Different in 17 Seconds?

Here’s a fun brain teaser visual test for you to solve. In the given group of couples, one is different from the others. You have to find who is the imposter couple within 17 seconds. Only a brainiac can do so. Are you?

Mudit Chhikara
Jun 4, 2023, 13:00 IST
Brain Teaser Visual Test
Brain Teaser Visual Test

Brain Teaser Visual Test: If you’re looking for a mental power test to stimulate your brain and vision at the same time, you’re in the right place. Today, we bring you an amazing brain teaser puzzle that’s bound to awaken every corner of your mind. If you want to test your cognition, IQ level, and observation skills, then dive in to solve the following brain teaser visual test.

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Brain Teaser Visual Test

The brain is a fascinating organ. It commands every part of our body and performs several basic yet necessary functions like thinking, feeling, visualising, understanding, speaking etc. However, the mind, like all other body parts requires healthy stimulation to keep working.

This has become quite difficult in this day and age when excessive screen time and social media have overstimulated our minds and reduced our function. However, regularly solving brain teasers, optical illusions and other mind-stimulating puzzles can return your mind to an optimal state.

Brain Teaser Visual Test: Which Couple Is Different?

Brain Teaser Visual Test: Which Couple Is Different

Source: Brightside

In the above picture, you can see a group of couples. They are identical and are dancing in tandem. However, one of them is different. You have to spot the different couple within 17 seconds. Can you do it?

If you do, it will be a sign that you’re a true brainiac.

Remember you only have 17 seconds to come up with a solution.

Your time starts now! Good Luck!

Brain Teaser Visual Test Solution

So, did you spot the different couple in time? Check the solution below.

Brain Teaser Visual Test Solution

The different couple is located in the third row, second from right. They both have the same height unlike the other couples, where the man is taller.

So, did you have to enjoy solving this unique brain teaser visual test? Hopefully, you got an idea of where your intelligence and observation skills lie.

Do tell us if you liked this brain teaser in the comments.

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