Brain Teasers: Can you guess the sport? Exciting brain teasers for you!

Are you fond of sports? Here are some exciting brain teasers for you based on sports!
Brain teasers: Can you guess the sport?
Brain teasers: Can you guess the sport?

Sports are an essential part of our lives. Not only do they help people get better at health, but they also help us reduce stress and increase our happiness levels. People who engage in sports whether professionally or as a leisure activity know that sports are something that makes their life better.

Why add sports to life?

The question is rather silly. Humans were meant to move and play. Trying to improve the human mind is too overrated these days. One cannot refresh the mind and increase the gray matter without shaking a leg or getting off the couch. Yes, sports do not always require you to play at state and national levels, simply adding a sport in your life for joy and leisure is all that you need to be called as a “sportsperson”. 

The positive effects of sports on the health does not require much elaboration. A good outdoor sport that helps you shet some sweat is everything you need to get that toned physique you had been dreaming about since eons. However, not only the physical health, sports are also known to enhance the mental, emotional and social health.

On the mental level, a good outdoor sport played for atleast 40 minutes of day will refresh your mind and supply it with immense oxygen and feel-good neurotransmitters.

At the emotional level, outdoor activities like sports release some essential neurotransmietters that make you feel good about yourself in general. That is why it is often said that sports can help you build self esteem, no matter how good or bad you are at the sport. Moreover, outdoor activities act like medicine to treat with mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and more.


Finally, at the social level, sports help one build strong connections. Yes, spending 40 minutes a day with someone doing an activity that you both like will automatically enhance the bond between you and the person. Moreover, sports also teach us some strong values that help us build strong connections both on the professional and the personal front. These values include sportsmanship, kindness, honesty, patience, hard work, teamwork, companionship, and more. Not only this, the experiences you receive while playing a sport are cherishable. Not only will sport help you build memories with your teammates, but these very experiences will also teach you a thing or two about life. For instance, in case you win a game, you learn to divide the credit among all your teammates and learn to enjoy the moments of life together. In moments of defeat, sports teach us to accept defeat, learn from mistakes, and aim for the next best shot! 


Hey, now that we have set the tone for the upcoming brain teasers, you are all set for some moments of freshness.



Do you know the names of all sports?

In today’s section of brain teasers, you will have to guess the name of the sport!


Brain Teaser 1:


Brain Teaser 2:






Answer 1:



Answer 2:



Wasn’t these two brain teasers the best thing you could do in the last 5 minutes? Well, we are known for adding fun to mundane schedules. Stay tuned for many more such brain teasers!

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