Brain Teasers: How good were you at geography? Let’s find out today!

How good was your geography back in school? These brain teasers are sure to test your geography skills.
Can you guess the name of the planet?
Can you guess the name of the planet?

Geography is a subject that opened our eyes to the natural world around us. Do you know the names of all the planets? Let’s see how good you were at geography.

Let us ask you a straightforward question! How well will you rate your geography skills? Can you recall the names of all the beautiful rivers of the world? Do you know which is the largest and the smallest continent? And did you have any interest in astronomy? Do you know which planet is the farthest to the sun and why is Pluto not conferred with the status of a planet anymore?

Well, whether you know all the correct answers or not, we are sure that all these questions did gave you a strange yet beautiful nostalgic feeling of your school days when your geography teacher taught you about these interesting topics and more.


Wondering why we are talking about geography all of a sudden? No, we did not get a call from your geography teacher this morning. The reason why we are so stressing over your geography skills today is that today's brain teaser series will test how good your concepts of geography and astronomy have been. Yes, you made the right guess; we'll be discussing planets today.

But hey, before we talk dive into the brain teasers, let us entertain you with some outstanding geographical facts that may shock you a bit!


These mind-blowing geography facts might give you a shock today!


1) At what rate do your fingernails grow? Well, the continents of the world shift at the very same rate.

Shocking, right? Here comes the next one!

2) Where are most of the people of the world residing? Well, as per some reports, only 10 percent of the world's total population resides in the Southern hemisphere. The bulk of the rest 90 percent of the people reside in the Northern hemisphere!

Phew! That was difficult to digest!

3) California has a larger population than the whole of Canada. 

Super Shocking!

4) Can you think of any continent that would be wider than the moon? Well, the answer is Australia!

Yeah, that was pretty strange!

5) The largest mountain, the Mt. Everest, can easily fit in the Marina Trench, the deepest segment of the ocean.

Didn't we all just start visualizing the scene?


Now that we have set your mood, you are all ready for the upcoming brain teasers!

Can you guess the name of these planets?















Excited about the answers? Here you go!






FUN FACT: Uranus was the very first planet to be discovered through a telescope.



FUN FACT: Contrary to popular belief, Earth's gravity is not uniform. The variations in the gravity of the planet is known as gravity anomalies.



FUN FACT: Mars may look hot, but it's temperature is about -64 degrees celsius.



FUN FACT: A day on Venus is longer than an year on Earth!



FUN FACT: Neptune is the tiniest of the gas giants.

Weren’t these brain teasers super fun? Stick to us for more challenging brain teasers!

Optical Illusion: Folks are having a good time in the park, and so is the hidden squirrel. Can you find it?

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