Why is India replacing its border fences with steel wires at Pakistan & Bangladesh Borders?

India is taking measures to strengthen its border security by replacing the old border fencing with the new meshed steel wires. What is the cause of this move? Know this and other details about this new fencing project.
Jan 14, 2020 17:58 IST
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Centre replacing fences along Pakistan and Bangladesh borders
Centre replacing fences along Pakistan and Bangladesh borders

To plug the vulnerable and infiltration-prone areas along the sensitive borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, India is replacing the present rickety barbed wires with a new non-cut meshed steel fence with anti-rust coating. 

Pilot Project at Assam-Bangladesh Border

A 'pilot project' of this new fence is also being tested at a 7-km stretch in Assam's Silchar along India's border with Bangladesh and is being analysed by the BSF. According to an official of the BSF “This will be a complete overhaul of the security system. The unique quality of the new fence is that it cannot be snipped.” 

India shares a 4,096.7 km border with Bangladesh and 3,323 km with Pakistan. Based on the feedback of these projects, the new fence will be erected at more places where either the old one has worn out or there was no fence owing to geographical challenges.

The sources informed that the Union home ministry has also advanced a technology-based project of deploying 'laser fences' along these two borders, to five years as compared to the earlier 10-year deadline.

Cost of the New Fencing

This new steel fence will T cost about Rs 2 crore for a kilometer. Also, the budget for the pilot project in Assam is set for Rs 14.3 crore for a distance of 7 km. The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) is implementing the project and the contract has been given to a firm called AON Fencing & Gates, headquartered in Ireland.

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The pressure of Afghan Infiltration

The security agencies in India have detected the presence of 'Afghan fighters' along the India-Pakistan border. These terror operatives have traveled across borders from Afghanistan resulting in an enhanced vigil by the security forces to suspect infiltration and terror bids along the sensitive border of Jammu-Kashmir.

According to sources The infiltration bases and terror launch pads aong the sensitive LOC and International Borders of J&K are still intact, the present concern is the well-trained Afghan Terrorists whose presence along the vulnerable infiltration spots along the Pakistan border can pose as a danger for the newly created UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh region.

The BSF has also recently completed an exercise to fully "map and identify" vulnerable spots all along these two borders as part of a three-staged exercise carried out last year.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah reviewed the functioning of the BSF on December 14 where various technological solutions to plug the porous stretches of the border were discussed.

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