Chhattisgarh: Rock Art Sites

Chhattisgarh, the recently formed state engraved out of Madhya Pradesh, has a discrete geographical and enlightening distinctiveness which is shared by 6 surrounding states.
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Chhattisgarh, the recently formed state engraved out of Madhya Pradesh, has a discrete geographical and enlightening distinctiveness which is shared by 6 surrounding states, viz., Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. Chhattisgarh has great proportional benefit in intact human & natural resources. Its natural resources in minerals, energy, forests, water and land are some of the wealthiest in the country.


Its human resources offer a huge complex of eco-specific skills and knowledge. The state proliferates in affluence of cultural heritage, monuments, rock art sites and archaeological antiquities. Nevertheless, many rock art sites have not been suitably discovered so far. Department of Culture & Archaeology of Chhattisgarh Government is boarding on several projects which would bring the civilization and archaeological legacy of the state to the fore in International and National pitch and also ultimately augment the tourism industry.



Rock Art sites in Chhattisgarh and things preserved in them
1 Singhanpur Raigarh Ladder men, Mermaid, Animal figures, Hunting scenes, Kangaroo, Giraffe ?
2 Kabra Pahad Raigarh Tortoise, Bison, Male Figures, Geometric patterns
3 Basnajhar Raigarh Elephant, Geometric patterns Animal Hunting scenes
4 Ongna Raigarh Man with head gear Geometrical drawings
5 Karmagarh Raigarh Geometric patterns, Paintings in multicolours
6 Khairpur Raigarh Dancing scenes, Animal figures
7 Chapamada Raigarh Animal patterns, Human Fighting scenes
8 Botaldah Raigarh Animals, Hunting scenes, Mermaid
9 Bhanwarkhol Raigarh Bison, Mermaid, Bear, Hunting scenes, Geometric pattern, Swastik
10 Amargufa and Cherigodari Raigarh Animal patterns, Hunting scenes, Human figures
11 Sutighat Raigarh Agriculture and Animals figures
12 Tipakhol Raigarh Geometric Design
13 Nawagadi Raigarh Religious symbols like Sun, Moon, Animal figures, Human figures, Hunting scenes
14 Bainipat
Raigarh Geometric patterns
15 Siroli Dongri Raigarh Human figures, Hunting scenes, Palm impressions
16 Potia Raigarh Human and Animal figures
17 Geedha Raigarh Rock Painting Engraving
18 Udkunda
a)Dewata Ki Kachahari
b)Chanda Pathara
c)Adaya Pahar
Kanker Palm and Feet impressions, Animal figures
19 Gada Goari Kanker Animal figures
20 Kherkheda
b)Naukar Gudara
c)Gadia Gudara
Kanker Animal and Human figures, Palm impressions, Human Figure
21 Kanhagaon Kanker Human figure, Animal figures
22 Gotitola
a)Pancha Pandav
b)Near Tank
Kanker Scene Pertaining to relation (Ram, Sita, Laksman etc.) Figures of tree leaves, Palm impressions
23 Sita Ramguda Kanker Human Figures
24 Kulgaon Kanker Animal figures, Human figures drawn in white and yellow
25 Ghodsar Koria Animal Figures, White colours, Human daily life scene
26 Kohbahur Koria Geometric pattern
27 Chitwa Dongri Durg Chinese figure, Dragon, Agricultural activity
28 Sitalekhni (Odagi) Sarguja Geometric pattern
29 Ramgarh Sarguja Human figures and faded geometrical design
30 Limdariha Bastar Human and Animal figures
31 Murelgarh Koria Human figures and geometrical design

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