What is the difference between Science and Technology?

Both the terms, Science and Technology, are closely related to each other directly or indirectly. Science focuses on ethical methods of collecting data and on the other hand technology focuses on using the same knowledge while taking action. Let us have a look at the difference between science and technology in detail.
Difference between Science and Technology
Difference between Science and Technology

Science is any system of knowledge or information that covers general truths or the operations of basic or fundamental laws. Applying scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life is named technology.

Science and technology words are often used interchangeably but are distinct. The aim of science is to acquire knowledge and technology is to generate products via implementing scientific principles.

Generally, Science contributes to technology in at least six ways namely;

1. New knowledge provides a direct source of ideas for new technological innovations.

2. Eventually, in research, instrumentation and laboratory techniques are used which find their way into the design or industrial practices via different methods in different areas.

3. Generating knowledge becomes increasingly important in the assessment of technology in terms of its broad social and environmental impacts.

4. Source of tools and techniques for more well-structured engineering designs and a knowledge base for evaluation of the feasibility of different new designs.

5. Flourish or develop information that helps to get additional efficient methods of applied research, development, and refinement of latest technologies

6. Practice of research as a source for the development and assimilation of the latest human skills and capabilities useful for numerous innovative technologies.

Difference between Science and Technology

Science Technology
Science helps to explore new knowledge systematically through observation and experimentation. Application of scientific knowledge for different purposes.
The effect of science is useful for humankind. The effects of technology can be either useful or harmful.
Science focuses on discoveries. The technology focuses on inventions.
Methods required theory development, analysis, and deduction. Methods required to review and integration of design.
The basic principles of science remain the same throughout. Technology changes with every passing day, if not every minute.
Science is used to make predictions. Technology simplifies human life and fulfills the need of people. 
Goals are achieved through scientific processes. Goals are achieved through key technological processes.
 Science focuses on understanding natural phenomena The technology focuses on understanding the built environment.

To conclude, we can say that science is knowing things whereas technology is all about doing. When it comes to problem-solving then both of the two disciplines work together. Science is focused more on analysis whereas technology is on the synthesis of design. Also, science is all about theories and technology is all about processes. However, technology has some negative uses but should be used in a positive direction. 

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