Do you know the security arrangements of the Prime Minister of India?

What type of security arrangements are provided to the Prime Minister of India, what is the role of Delhi Police in providing the security to the Prime Minister of India? Let us have a Look!
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Security of Prime Minister of India
Security of Prime Minister of India

India's Prime Minister security is as stringent as that of other Head of any State. It is the responsibility of SPG i.e. Special Protection Group to provide 24 hour's security to the Prime Minister of India.

Let us tell you that security in India is provided to high-risk individuals by the police and local government. It depends upon the threat perception that what type of security is given to the person. Prime Minister is the leader of the executive of the Government of India and his security is a matter of concern.

Wherever the Prime Minister goes, the accurate shooters of SPG are placed around each step. These shooters are capable of killing terrorists within a lapse of a second. There are around 3000 soldiers in SPG. They are responsible to provide security to the Prime Minister, ex-Prime Ministers and to their family members as well. These soldiers are trained as per the guidelines of Secret Service of America. The soldiers of SPG are endowed with FNF-2000 Assault Rifle, Automatic Gun and 17 M revolvers like modern weapons.

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Apart from SPG, the Delhi Police also plays an important role in the security of Prime Minister.

Prime Minister India

If the Prime Minister has to address some gathering, then the thorough inspection of the particular area is performed by the security branch of the Delhi Police, prior to the day of address, however on the day of programme the area of address is occupied by the commandos of SPG. Generally, in the local functions of the Prime Minister, the chief of the SPG is present himself. If due to some reasons the chief is absent, then the security arrangements are managed by some official of higher rank. When the Prime Minister steps out from his residence to participate in the gathering, then one-side traffic of the whole route is blocked for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, two vehicles of the Delhi Police patrol the route with siren on. This is done in order to ensure that the route through which the Prime Minister will pass is clear altogether. Besides this, the residence of Prime Minister on 7 Lok Kalyan Marg remains occupied with more than 500 commandos of SPG.

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Let us now talk about the Prime Minister’s Convoy

PM of India kafila


In the convoy of the Prime Minister, there are 2 armoured BMW 7 Series Sedan, 6 BMW X 5 and one Mercedes Benz ambulance are present along with more than a dozen vehicles. Other than these, a Tata Safari Jammer also moves along with the convoy.

Right at the front and at the back of the convoy of the Prime Minister, there are vehicles of the Delhi Police Security Staff. Then, there are two more vehicles on to the left and right and in the mid position there is the vehicle of the Prime Minister, which is the 760 LI security addition car of Bulletproof BMW 7 series edition. In order to mislead the attackers, the convoy involves two dummy cars identical to that of Prime Minister. The Jammer vehicle has many antennas over it. These antennas are capable of diffusing bombs kept on either side of the road at the distance of 100 meters. All of these cars are occupied by the accurate shooters from NSG. It implies that the Prime Minister is accompanied by a team of around 100 people for security purpose. When the Prime Minister walks, then also he is surrounded by commandos of NSG clad in uniform as well as in civil dress.

Do you know that if someone attacks on the vehicle of the Prime Minister suddenly, then he would not get any result other that instant death because if this car is attacked by advanced weapons like AK 47 or Bombs, then the person sitting inside the car would not be harmed. Even the Grenade cannot affect the BMW 7 series car of the Prime Minister. If someone comes closer to the window pane to attack with 44 caliber handguns, then also there will not be any effect on the glass as it is completely bullet proof. Not only this, if in some emergency situation the tyres of the car are punctured, then also the car can be made to run at the speed of 90 Km/ hr for the distance of 320 Km.

Do you know how SPG commando’s work and about their weapons

Weapons of SPG Commandos

According to the experts of the security matters, the SPG commandos have 3.5 Kg Rifles imported from Belgium. They are capable of firing 850 rounds of fire in one minute. Their range is upto 500 meters. Some commandos have semi-automatic pistol. Commandos wear a light bullet proof jacket. It weighs 2.2 Kgs. They have pads for knees and elbow. Commandos put black goggles on their eyes, so that they can watch the nearby places and nobody could doubt on them. These goggles are designed in a manner that even during the time of attack; they can easily see the places. At the time of sudden firings, these commandos stand right in front of the Prime Minister and kill the attacker. SPG soldiers always wear elbow guard and a type of shoe which does not slip on the ground and they have a special kind of gloves which does not let the weapon slip off their hands and also protects them from injury. During their training period, they are trained with the Martial arts so that even without the weapons, they can easily combat the attacker.

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Now let us have a look at the Plane of the Prime Minister

Boeing 747 400

When Prime Minister has to go to some other city or on a foreign trip, then Air Force is responsible for his flight. The Prime Minister directly enters into the technical area of the Airport. This area is situated near Dwarka in Delhi. Before the arrival of the Prime Minister at the Air Port, two Boeing of the Air Force stand there in advance. If one has some problem at the critical time, then the Prime Minister can travel by the other one which was kept at stand by. The number of this flight is AI 1 always. The “Air India 1” Boeing 747-400 plane is used for the foreign trips of the Prime Minister. When the plane of the Prime Minster takes off, then the whole area is converted into no flying zone for few minutes. During this time, no flight could land and take off. In this plane, there are NSG commandos and the staff of the Prime Minister. The plane also has a bed room and a small conference room.

At the end the Z+ security cannot be ignored

PM Z Security


The Z+ security is provided by the commandos of NSG, who are also called the “Black Cats” in common language. NSG is a special force which is specifically trained to combat terror activities. NSG commandos are endowed with advanced MP-5 guns and advanced communication equipment. Other than this, each commando is perfectly trained in the Martial Art and in unarmed warfare. As per the Z+ security arrangements the security to one person is provided by 36 commandos equipped with advance weapons.

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