Falcon Heavy launched by Musk’s SpaceX with two Space Force satellites!

Falcon Heavy is launched with two satellites. Excited to read the full story? Read on.
Falcon Heavy launched by Musk’s SpaceX with two Space Force satellites!
Falcon Heavy launched by Musk’s SpaceX with two Space Force satellites!

A stupendous Falcon Heavy rocket was launched by SpaceX, with the aim of boosting a military communications satellite in space.

Powered by 27 robust Merlin engines, the rocket generated around 5 million pounds of force at the time of its flight. The rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center’s pad 39A at exactly 5:56 pm (EST). The rocket moved east over the Atlantic Ocean.

Continuous Broadcast Augmenting SATCOM 2 (CBAS-2) was the primary satellite. It proceeded into a geostationary orbit about 35,000 kilometers above the planet.

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It was noted by the Space Force that the satellite was designed to aid the military’s senior leaders. The satellite is enabled to offer communications relay services.

After NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket, the Falcon Heavy is the second most costly rocket.


As per a statement by Space systems Command, Falcon Heavy carried two satellites for the USF 67 mission. One of these two satellites can be deployed. It is enabled to hold five demonstrative payloads.


Across varying mission areas, the LDPE can be made to use to carry multiple payloads. The modular structure has a flexible design and features standard interfaces.

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A brief about The Falcon Heavy. How is it different from the Space Launch System?

Ever since its formation, the Falcon Heavy held the title of the most powerful operational rocket in the world. However, with the arrival of the Space Launch System in November, NASA’s new moon rocket, the tag has been conferred to the latter. 


The uncrewed Artemis 1 mission launched by the Space Launch System paved the way for missions for tomorrow.


 The Space Launch System or the SLS gives off around 8.8 million pounds of thrust. This is around 15% more than the Saturn V rockets used for the Apollo moon landings. However, the Falcon Heavy puts out around 5 million pounds of thrust.


Elon Musk’s SpaceX is currently at the concluding stages of preparing for its Starship spacecraft’s very first orbital attempt. The final approval from the federal regulators is still awaited. However, it is expected to lift off in the upcoming weeks.


If everything goes according to plan and SpaceX's Starship turns out to be successful, it is expected that the Starship would outshine the Space Launch System or the SLS as the most powerful flying rocket.


It is predicted that the Starship system will outpower not only the Space Launch System but also the Falcon Heavy. 


The imminent Super Heavy booster is expected to give off around 17 million pounds of thrust. It is designed to vault the Starship spacecraft into space.


However, comparing the SLS and the Starship is not a fantastic idea, after all. They may be different in many aspects, but the goal is somewhat the same, that is, to take humans back to the moon’s surface after a very long span of time. This mission makes both SpaceX’s Starship and the Space Launch System crucial to NASA.


Musk’s SpaceX has many other significant plans too. As one of its most ambitious missions, it aims to take cargo and humans to Mars with an intent to one day build a permanent human base on the planet.

Now, all eyes are on SpaceX!

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