Are You Sharp Enough? Find The Hidden Panda In A Group Of Trumpeters In Just 10 Seconds!

Optical illusions are a fun way to pass time and test one’s smartness. Prove your smartness by finding the hidden panda in the picture in just 10 seconds.
Panda Trumpeter Optical Illusion
Panda Trumpeter Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion: Pandas can be found in forests, mountains, or wherever they can get delicious bamboo in bulk but can they ever be hiding in a group of trumpeters?

Well, definitely!

With an optical illusion test image that gives you no time to have a look at everything carefully, it is easy for a panda to keep itself out of sight.

This optical illusion is a sure-shot way to brush off your monotony in just minutes.

 If you feel you are difficult to get tricked, this optical illusion image may prove you wrong.

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Excited? Let's get started!

Step 1: Setting The Time

Before looking at the picture, set a timer for not more than 10 seconds on your phone. Note, that there is nothing more exciting than solving an optical illusion test faster than the clock. 

Step 2: Get Prepared

Eliminate all distractions around you for a while.

Take a few deep breaths and center yourself.

Remember, you’ll only have 10 seconds for the test, so you must not engage in any distractions right now.

Step 3: Get Started

Fill yourself with excitement, click on the START button of your timer, and get started.

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Can You Find The Hidden Panda In 10 Seconds?


Image Source: Baamboozle

Come on.. The clock is ticking..

Only a few seconds left…..

Time’s up!

Could You Find The Hidden Panda?

Well, this wasn’t quite difficult, but looking for it in just 10 seconds is definitely a tough task. In case you couldn't find it yet, consider taking another look at the picture, this time, without any time restrictions. However, only the ones who could find the hidden panda in 10 seconds must be considered victorious in the test!

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Here Is The Hidden Panda


Image Source: Baamboozle

You naughty panda! How on earth did you decide to disguise yourself in a group of trumpeters?

And hey, why are you hiding anyway?

Did you loot the State Bank or were you attempting to steal from the bamboo farm?

Whatever the case is, it is never cool to commit crimes and then hide in a group of trumpeters. Anyway, you are caught! Be prepared for the headlines tomorrow!

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