Find the Mistake: Only highly attentive readers can find the mistake with the luggage in 6 seconds!

Find the Mistake: Only highly attentive readers can find the mistake with the luggage in 6 seconds. Are you one of them? Attempt this challenge now!

Mrigank Chakraborty
Jun 9, 2023, 15:44 IST
Find the mistake in the luggage
Find the mistake in the luggage

Find the Mistake: Find the mistake is one of the most popular online activities that engages reader’s attention to identify the mistake in the image shared in the activity.

The readers have a stipulated time limit in which they need to find the mistake to complete the challenge successfully.

This type of challenge stimulates the visual cortex and engages the right and left hemispheres of the brain which boosts creativity and critical thinking.

Regular practice of such challenges can prove to be highly beneficial in preventing cognitive decline in adults.

Are you highly attentive?

Then identify the mistake in the picture shared below.

Source: Pinterest

The picture shared above depicts two luggage bags along with a tennis racket.

It can be understood that the person has packed his luggage and is looking to enjoy a vacation or play a tennis match/tournament.

There is a mistake in the picture and your task is to find the mistake in the picture in 6 seconds

Watch the image carefully and see if you can find the mistake within the time limit. 

Highly attentive individuals can spot the mistake in the picture faster than others.

These kinds of challenges prove to be ideal workouts for the brain as they fire up the areas of the brain responsible for logical and analytical thinking.

Have you identified the mistake?

Hurry up; time is running out.

Focus on the image one last time and see if you can identify the mistake before the time runs out..

The key to solving such challenges is attentiveness, common sense and an excellent eye for detail.

Were you able to find the mistake?

Only two seconds remaining.



Time’s up.

How many of you were able to identify the mistake in the picture within the time limit?

Congratulation to those who have found the mistake. You have a razor-sharp brain and excellent observation skills.

Those unable to spot the mistake can stop searching now and check the solution below.

Find the Mistake in Luggage in 6 Seconds - Solution

The mistake in the picture is that the suitcase in the front has no closures which means that it will open immediately if it is lifted, therefore causing inconvenience to the traveller.

Did you enjoy solving this problem?

Well, if you did, we have more interesting challenges for you.

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