GK Questions & Answers on Science: Biology- Human Digestive System

13-JUN-2016 17:56

    GK Questions with Answers on Science: Biology on Human Digestive System consists of 10 Multiple Choice Questions for the practice of various competitive examinations which will help in the preparation of various competitive (IAS, PSC, SSC etc) as well as academic examinations.  

    1. Name the Glands associated with the Human Digestive System?

    a) Salivary Glands and Pancreas
    b) Salivary Glands and Liver
    c) Liver and Pancreas
    d) Salivary Glands, Liver & Pancreas

    Ans. d

    2. Arrange the correct sequence of the steps involved in the process of Human Digestive System?

    a) Digestion, Ingestion, Assimilation, Egestion and Absorption
    b) Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption, Assimilation and Egestion
    c) Egestion, Absorption, Digestion, Assimilation and Ingestion
    d) Assimilation, Absorption, Ingestion, Digestion and Egestion

    Ans. b

    3. In which part of the body digestion of protein begins?

    a) Pancreas
    b) Stomach
    c) Small Intestine
    d) Large Intestine

    Ans. b

    4. What is the Function of Hydrochloric Acid?

    (i) It makes pepsin enzyme effective.
    (ii) It kills bacteria which may enter in stomach with food.

    Which of the following statements is/are correct?

    a) Only (i)
    b) Only (ii)
    c) Both (i) and (ii)
    d) Neither (i) nor (ii)

    Ans. c

    5. Name the largest part of the Alimentary canal?

    a) Large Intestine
    b) Small Intestine
    c) Liver
    d) Stomach

    Ans. b

    6. Complete digestion of food occurs in:

    a) Stomach
    b) Small Intestine
    c) Pancreas
    d) Large Intestine

    Ans. b

    7. What is the function of Bile Juice secreted by Liver?

    a) It makes the food alkaline.
    b) It makes the food acidic.
    c) It breaks down the food.
    d) None of the above

    Ans. a

    8. Name the hardest material present in the body?

    a) Dentin
    b) Pulp
    c) Enamel
    d) None of the above

    9. In which part of our body food gets absorbed?

    a) Small Intestine
    b) Large Intestine
    c) Stomach
    d) Liver

    Ans. a

    10. The undigested food stored in the liver in the form of carbohydrate is called:

    a) Pulp
    b) Glucose
    c) Glycogen
    d) Carbohydrate

    Ans. c

    Click here to Study the entire process of Human Digestive System.

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