GK Questions & Answers on Science: Biology Terminology (Set 4)

14-JUL-2016 14:50

    Questions and Answers on Science: Biology Terminology (Set 4) consists of 10 MCQ to analyse and learn various terms used in Biological processes which are important for various competitive examinations like IAS, PSC, SSC, Railway etc.

    1. The longest fibre on the cell body of a neuron is called:

    A. Myelin

    B. Nerve endings

    C. Axon

    D. Dendrites

    Ans. C

    2. The axon passes the impulse to another neuron through a junction called:

    A. Nerve endings

    B. Synapse

    C. Cytoplasm

    D. Nucleus

    Ans. B

    3. What are those reflex actions called which involve brain?

    A. Reflex arcs

    B. Cerebral reflexes

    C. Spinal reflexes

    D. None of the above

    Ans. B

    4. The chemical substances which coordinate the activities of living organisms and also their growth are called:

    A. Hormones

    B. Blood

    C. Sodium

    D. Cytoplasm

    Ans. A

    5. When the parent organism splits to form two new organisms, it is called:

    A. Budding

    B. Spore formation

    C. Binary fission

    D. Multiple fission

    Ans. C

    6. The process of getting back a full organism from its body part is called:

    A. Spore formation

    B. Budding

    C. Regeneration

    D. Fragmentation

    Ans. C

    7. The breaking up of the body of a simple organism into two or more pieces on maturing, each of which subsequently grows to form a complete new organism, is called:

    A. Fragmentation

    B. Vegetative propagation

    C. Binary fission

    D. Budding

    Ans. A

    8. When new plants are obtained from the parts of old plants, without the help of any reproductive organs, it is called:

    A. Vegetative propagation

    B. Spore formation

    C. Fragmentation

    D. Multiple fission

    Ans. A

    9. When the cut stems of two different plants are joined together in such a way that the two stems join and grow as a single plant, it is called:

    A. Cutting

    B. Layering

    C. Grafting

    D. None of the above

    Ans. C

    10. The transfer of pollen grains the anther of a stamen to the stigma of a carpel is called:

    A. Germination

    B. Pollination

    C. Fertilisation

    D. Tissue culture

    Ans. B

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