GK Questions with Answers on Ancient Indian Literature Set VI

16-SEP-2016 12:04

    GK Questions with Answers on Ancient Indian Literature Set VI consists of 10 Multiple Type Questions that attune and equipped the aspirants according to the evolving nature of different competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, IAS-prelims, SSC, CDS, NDA, State Services, and Railways etc.

    1. Which of the following play is set in the ancient city of Ujjayini during the reign of the King Palaka?

    A. Mrcchakatika

    B. Raghuvansa

    C. Sri Adi Kala

    D. None of the above

    Ans: A

    2. Which of the following is not an important limb of Vedas?

    A. Siksha (Phonetics)

    B. Kalpa (Ritual)

    C. Vyakarna (Grammer)

    D. Ashtadhyayi

    Ans: D

    3. Which among the following book based on the exploits of Yasovarman of Kanauj?

    A. Rajatarangini

    B. Gaudavaho

    C. Malavikagnimitram

    D. All of the above

    Ans: B

    4. Who among the following writer's book gives the detail information about the invasion of India by Alexander?

    A. Herodotus

    B. Megasthenes

    C. Arrian

    D. Ptolemy

    Ans: C

    Summary of Ancient Indian Dynasties and their contributions

    5. Find out the odd one:

    A. Hiuen-Tsang:  Acquired knowledge of Indian society through literature.

    B. AI-Biruni:       Given valuable account about Harshavardhana

    C. Megasthenes:  Describes about the Indo-Persian relations.

    D. Ptolemy:       Written a geographical treatise on India.

    Ans: D

    6. Select the incorrect pair:

    A. Chinese            : Used the term Tien-Chu or Chuantu for India during the 1st century A.D.

    B. Hiuen-Tsang      : Promotes the term Yin-Tu to refer India.

    C. I-Tsing              : Mentioned the terms such as Arya-desa and Brahmarashtra for India.

    D. Panini               : Mentioned the term ‘Bharata’ for a region of 60 Janapadas

    Ans: D

    7. Which among the following is the great Buddhist work consisting of dialogues between the Indo-Greek King Menander and the Buddhist philosopher Nagasena?

    A. Milinda Panha

    B. Arthsashtra

    C. Jataka

    D. Kumarasambhava

    Ans: A

    Maurya Empire: A Detailed Summary

    8. Who wrote the famous Kural which in verse deals with many aspects of life and religion?

    A. Bhartrihari

    B. Bana

    C. Magha

    D. Thiruvalluvar

    Ans: D

    9. Consider the following statement (s) is/are related to the Jataka tales

    I. It is a collection of tales belonging to the pre-Buddhist period give us a revealing glimpse into a period when the fusion between the Aryan and the Dravidian races had been

    almost completed.

    II. It gives us the periods of rule and genealogies of dynasties of kings.

    Which is/are correct statement (s)?

    A. Only I

    B. Only II

    C. Both I and II

    D. Neither I nor II

    Ans: C

    10. Consider the following statement (s) is/are related to the literature in Ancient India

    I. The earliest known work of the Aryans in India was the Rig Veda which is a collection of 1048 hymns in Vedic Sanskrit.

    II. Most of the hymns are in praise of different Vedic deities and were intended for recitation at the Yajnas or sacrifices.

    Which is/are correct statement (s)?

    A. Only I

    B. Only II

    C. Both I and II

    D. Neither I nor II

    Ans: B

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