GK Questions with Answers on Indian Economy Set XXVI

08-JUL-2016 18:02

    Jagaran josh is presenting a set of 10 MCQs of GK (Indian Economy) with answers. In this set we included only those kinds of questions which are asked in the exams like IAS/PCS/ SSC and CDS etc. This set is formed to meet the standard of some tough exams.

    1.  In census 2011, which of the following have minimum density of population?
    (a)  Bihar
    (b)  Kerala
    (c)  Goa
    (d)  Arunachal Pradesh
    Ans. d

    2.  Which of the following tax is imposed by the state government?
    (a)  Gift tax
    (b)  Property tax
    (c)  Road tax
    (d)  None of these
    Ans. c

    3.  Which of the following is not matched correctly?
    (a)  IFCI established : 1948
    (b)  NABARD established : 1982
    (c)  EXIM Bank established :1988
    (d)  SIDBI established : 1990
    Ans. c

    4.  Balance of payment includes only …………..…in its calculation.
    (a)  Visible goods
    (b)  Invisible goods
    (c)  Both a & b
    (d)  None of these
    Ans. c

    5.  Which of the following statement is correct?
    (a)  Balance of trade includes only invisible goods.
    (b)  Balance of payment is always in equilibrium in accounting sense
    (c)  When export exceeds the import the balance of payment is termed as unfavourable
    (d)  When local currency devaluates the exported quantity of the domestic country decreases
    Ans. b

    6.  Appreciation of domestic currency means…………………..???
    (a)  Value of domestic currency increases
    (b)  Value of domestic currency decreases
    (c)  First increases then decreases
    (d)  First decreases then increases
    Ans. a

    7.  Inflation is situation in which…………………………..
    (a)  Value of money decreases
    (b)  Value of money increases
    (c)  First increases then decreases
    (d)  First decreases then increases
    Ans.  a

    8.  Why a government does devaluation of its currency?
    (a)  To increase export
    (b)  To reduce import
    (c)  To decrease export
    (d)  Both a & b
    Ans. d

    9.  Which of the following statement is not correct?
    (a)  Birth rate is number of the births per thousand of the population during a year.
    (b)  Blue chip is a company which does not guarantee about the return on an investment
    (c)  Bull is a persons who is  optimistic about the share market
    (d)  Boom is a situation of an economy in which price and employment are the maximum
    Ans. b

    10.  What kind of unemployment is found in the agricultural sector of India?
    (a)  Situational
    (b)  Voluntary
    (c)  Frictional
    (d)  Disguise
    Ans. d


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