GK Quiz on French Revolution: Find out History, Facts and more!

The period of the French Revolution of a major social upheaval that began in 1787 and ended in 1799. Here’s a quiz for you to find out how much you know about the French Revolution!
Find out facts about the French Revolution
Find out facts about the French Revolution

The period of the French Revolution of a major social upheaval that began in 1787 and ended in 1799. 

It completely reversed the dynamics and changed the relationship between the rulers and those they governed to redefine the nature of political power. 

There were many reasons for the French Revolution such as the bourgeoisie,  merchants, manufacturers, and professionals who had gained financial power but were excluded from political power. 

People socially beneath them had limited rights, and most were impoverished consistently. The monarchy wasn't viewed as divinely ordained anymore. 

The increase in the tax burden on the poor by the King expanded the classes that had previously been exempt, and revolution became all but inevitable.

King Louis XVI of France yielded to the idea of a new constitution and to the sovereignty of the people but at the same time sent emissaries to the rulers of neighboring countries seeking their help in restoring his power. A number of revolutionaries, specifically the Girondins, thought that the revolution needed to spread throughout Europe in order for it to succeed. 

When the Austro-Prussian army invaded France, the French revolutionary forces pushed outward. Though the French Revolution did not succeed the ideas of representational democracy and basic property rose and reaped the seeds of the later revolutions of 1830 and 1848. 


Here’s a quiz for you to find out how much you know about the French Revolution!

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Q1. Group of legislatures that represented all three estates?


  1. a) National Assembly
  2. b) Estates General
  3. c) Tennis Court Oath
  4. d) Jacobins

Answer:  Estates General

Q2. The representatives took an oath declaring their allegiance and commitment to reform. What was the oath? 


  1. a) Racquet Ball
  2. b) Tennis Court
  3. c) Bastille

Answer:  Tennis Court

Q3. The first openly violent act of revolution came when the people stormed and attacked what?

  1. a) Bastille
  2. b) King's Palace in Versailles
  3. c) Paris
  4. d) Austria

Answer:  Bastille

Q4. Representatives of the 3rd Estate of the Estates General that organized to make national laws.

  1. a) Jacobin
  2. b) National Assembly
  3. c) Bastille
  4. d) Estates General

Answer: National Assembly

Q5. What revolutionary document abolished feudal privileges and unjust taxation procedures for men?

  1. a) Law of Suspect
  2. b) Declaration of Independence
  3. c) Declaration of Rights of Man
  4. d) New French Constitution

Answer: Declaration of Right of Man


Q6. Who was the political leader of the Jacobins?

  1. a) Jean Valjean
  2. b) Napoleon Bonaparte
  3. c) Robespiere
  4. d) King Louis XVI

Answer:  Robespiere


Q7.Why was King Louis XVI executed?

  1. a) Treason
  2. b) Being a King
  3. c) Stealing tax money
  4. d) Espionage

Answer: Treason


Q8.What was the name of the radical revolutionary group in charge during the Reign of Terror?

  1. a) Third Estates
  2. b) Directory
  3. c) Jacobins
  4. d) Clergy

Answer: Jacobins


Q9.  Napoleon seized control of France through the use of military force also known as?


  1. a) coup d'etat
  2. b) soup d'ejour
  3. c) Conquering France
  4. d) Court Marshall

Answer: coup d'etat


Q10. What is Another term for "Continental System"?

  1. a) Revolution
  2. b) Blockade
  3. c) Invasion
  4. d) Seige

Answer: Blockade

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Facts about the revolution you probably didn't know: 

  • There was an eradication attempt of Christianity by the Jacobins. 
  • In France, the storming of the Bastille is still remembered as a national holiday. 

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