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GK Quiz on Modern Indian History: Successors and Decline of Mughal Empire

01-APR-2016 15:05

    GK Quiz on Modern Indian History:  Successors and Decline of Mughal Empire consists of 10 Multiple Type Questions that attune and equipped the aspirants according to the evolving nature of different competitive examination.

    1. Who called Muazzam as Shahi-i- Bekhabar?

    A. Kafi Khan

    B. Zulfikar khan

    C. Kam Baksh

    D. Nur Jahan

    2. Which of the following Mughal ruler who tried to create affinity between Sikh and Maratha by granted the right to collect Sardesh Mukhi of Deccan but not Chauth to the Marathas?

    A. Jahander Shah

    B. Muazzam

    C. Akbar

    D. Farukhsiyar

    3. Which Mughal Ruler’s gave permission for collecting Chauth and Sardesh Mukhi on Maratha land to Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath?

    A. Farrukhsiyar

    B. Rafi-ud-Darajat

    C. Rafi-ud-Daula

    D. Muhammed Shah

    4. Who among the following  Mughal Emperor became the first pensioner of the  East India Company?

    A. Ahmed Shah

    B. Akbar II

    C. Bahadur Shah

    D. Muhammed Shah

    5. Consider the following statement(s) related to Mughal’s decline.

    I. Mughal’s noble were well known for their loyalty but war of successor degenerated the nobility led to the decline of Mughal.

    II. Mughal Empire declined due to over decentralization of administration.

    Which statement (s) is/are correct?

    A. Only I

    B. Only II

    C. Both I and II

    D. Neither I and II

    6. Match the following

         List I                    List II

    a) Peshwa                I. In charge of justice and charitable grants.

    b) Majumdar            II. Assist the king with his correspondence

    c) Surnavis             III. Accountant

    d) Punditrao           IV. looked after the finance and general Administration    
            a        b         c           d

    A.    IV       III        II          I

    B.    I         II         III         IV

    C.    IV       I          II          III

    D.    III      IV         II          I

    7. Who was Nur Jahan's son-in-law?

    A. Khurram

    B. Nazim

    C. Abdul

    D. Shahryar

    8. The Mughal leader Babur originally invaded northern India

    A. To creates a Shiite Muslim state.

    B. Because he was unable to achieve his ambitious goals in central Asia.

    C. To control the trade routes into Southeast Asia.

    D. To defeat his longstanding enemy, the sultan of Delhi.

    9. Which of the following statement is not related to the Akbar's reign?

    A. Religious toleration for Hindus and Sikhs.

    B. A syncretic religion, called "divine faith," which stressed loyalty to the emperor.

    C. A centralized administrative structure with ministers appointed to regional provinces.

    D. Education and basic rights for Indian women.

    10. Which of the following statement is related to the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb?

    A. Replaced many Hindu temples with mosques.

    B. Promoted religious toleration.

    C. Converted to Hinduism.

    D. Presided over an era of religious harmony.























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