GK Quiz on Tokyo Olympics: Races

The quiz designed below is based on the races held at the Olympics. Take a look at the questions and know the answers with the explanation below.
Tokyo Olympics 2020
Tokyo Olympics 2020

Athletics is the something that reminds one of Olympics. India this year has sent a huge team at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Take  a look at the questions based on the races held Olympics.   

  1. How many athletes have been sent by India this year at the Olympics?
  1. 120 athlete contingent
  2. 127 athlete contingent
  3. 125 athlete contingent
  4. 130 athlete contingent

Ans. b

Explanation: India has sent a 127-athlete contingent to the Tokyo Olympics, its highest ever.

  1. Who was the flagbearer of Indian Olympic team this year?
  1. Mary Kom
  2. Manpreet Singh
  3. Abhinav Bindra
  4. Both a and b

Ans. d

Explanation: Mary Kom and Manpreet Singh, both were the flag bearers for India in Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

  1. Who was the Flag bearer for India in the 2012 Olympics?
  1. Abhinav Bindra
  2. PV Sindhu
  3. Sushil Kumar
  4. None of the above

Ans. c

Explanation: Sushil Kumar was the flag bearer of India in the 2012 Olympics.

  1. In which sport did Bradley Wiggins win 3 medals at a single Olympics?
  1. Swimming
  2. Cycling
  3. Short Put
  4. 100 m race

Ans. b

Explanation: Wiggins won the 4km individual pursuit gold, the team silver and the track Madison bronze.

  1. Which is the longest race contested at the Olympics ?
  1. 1000 m race
  2. 10 km race
  3. 50 km walk race
  4. 20 km walk race

Ans. c

Explanation: There are three race walking events in the current Olympic athletics programme: a men's and a women's 20 kilometres walk, and a men's 50 kilometres walk. 

  1. When was the first women walk race conducted at the Olympics?
  1. 1988
  2. 1992
  3. 1972
  4. 1928

Ans. b

Explanation: The first women's walk race event was introduced at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, 84 years after the first men's race.

  1. How many types of races are there at the Olympics?
  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 7

Ans. b

Explanation: There were 4 types of races at Olympia. Runners sprinted for 1 stade (192 m.), or the length of the stadium. The other races were a 2- stade race (384 m.), and a long-distance run which ranged from 7 to 24 stages (1,344 m. to 4,608 m.)

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