GK Questions and Answers on Science: Biology Set II

Biology is useful in everyday life as it helps us to understand human bodies, several resources and potential threat in the environment. Let us solve 10 questions of Biology which will make you understand about the various phenomena’s and help in the competitive examination preparations.
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GK Quiz on Science: Biology Set II
GK Quiz on Science: Biology Set II

As we know that Biology is the science of life and the word biology is derived from the Greek words 'bios' which means life and 'logos' which means study. In this biologists study various structure, function, growth, origin, evolution etc.

1. Greatest number of Sweat glands are present in which part of the human body?

A. Forehead

B. Forearm

C. Palm of the hand

D. Back

Ans: C

2. Vaccination was started by.......

A. Jonas E. Salk

B. Paul Muller

C. Edward Jenner

D. Robert Frost

Ans: C

3. Proteins are made up of .......

A. Sugars

B. Amino acids

C. Fatty acids

D. Nucleic acids

Ans: B

4. Mention the source of Liver, milk, egg yolk, fish liver oil?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B2

C. Vitamin D

D. Vitamin C

Ans: C

5. Which of the following name of scientist and their field of work is correctly matched?

A. DNA/Double helix: F. Crick J. Watson, M. Wilkins

B. Modern classification of plants and animals based on a system: Harvey

C. Bacteria: Linnaeus

D. Blood travels in a continuous circuit: Leuwenhock

Ans: A

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6.  Heart is made up of

A. Non-striated muscle

B. Cardiac muscle

C. Adipose tissue

D. Striated muscle

Ans: B

7. Hargobind Khorana had researched on .....

A. Synthesis of simple DNA

B. Understanding the genetic code

C. Reduction of mutation

D. Synthesis of RNA from bacterial cell

Ans: B

8. Name the corona virus that kills human?





Ans: C

9. In which part of the body digestion of protein starts?

A. Mouth

B. Stomach

C. Duodenum

D. Intestine

Ans: B

10. Name the acid that is secreted in the stomach?

A. HCl

B. H2S04

C. H2C03


Ans:  A

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