GK Questions and Answers on Science: Chemistry Set I

Chemistry is helpful in everyday life for example it explains how food changes when cooked, cleaning, bleaching, medicine etc. Let us solve 10 questions related to chemistry that will enhance your knowledge.
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GK Quiz on Science: Chemistry Set I
GK Quiz on Science: Chemistry Set I

Various changes that we observe around us are caused by chemical reactions only. So, we can say that chemistry is that branch of science which explains how matter is formed, about properties and reactions and use of such type of reactions in generating new substances.

1. In which form the chemical compound RDX is used?

A. As an composition

B. As an reactor

C. As an explosive

D. As an nuclear weapon

Ans: C

2. As a vegetable preservative poly______ foam is used.

A. Uthane

B. Uriathenes

C. Urathanes

D. Urethanes

Ans: D

3. Chemistry is a branch of science which can be used for providing the services to mankind. Comment on the statement.

A. True

B. False

C. May Be

D. Strongly not

Ans: D

4. Bio-chemical compounds are used as....

A. Skin Treatments

B. Food preservatives

C. Cooking Oils

D. All of the above

Ans: D

5. Match the following:

Set I

a. Fertilisers

b. Nuclear Bomb

c. LPG   

d. Carbon

Set I

1. Constructive and destructive matter

2. Cooking Gas

3. Curse of chemical reactions

4. Advanced process


       a       b      c        d

A.    3     4     2      1

B.   1      2     3      4

C.   4      1     2      3

D.   2      3     4      1

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6. Tell the composition of soap?

A. Sodium salt with fatty acids.

B. Potassium salt with fatty acids

C. Both a & b

D. Sodium and Potassium salt mixed with chemicals

Ans: C

7. Detergent is defined as.....

A. A liquid surfactant

B. A liquid soluble

C. A liquid sovent

D. A liquid solution

Ans: A

8. Which of the following compound is not used as an an alkali?

A. Sodium hydroxide

B. Potassium hydroxide

C. Carbon hydroxide

D. Nitrogen hydroxide

Ans: D

9. Define toxicity?

A. A chemical reaction

B. A process used in the manufacturing of detergents

C. A harmful effect of soaps and detergents required to measure the effectiveness.

D. A process used in the manufacturing of soaps

Ans: C

10.  Match the following:

Set I

a. A Fatty Acid

b. Potassium Hydroxide   

c. Non-ionic Surfactants

d. Neutralization

Set II

1. Better Alkali

2. Process to make detergent

3. Process to make soap   

4. Oil and fats


       a         b        c         d

A.    3      4     2        1

B.    1      2     3       4

C     4      1     2       3

D.    2      3     4       1

Ans:  C

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