GK Quiz on Science: Life Science Set IV

17-MAY-2016 09:43

    GK Quiz on Science: Life Science Set IV, in this set you will find repository of 10 Multiple Choice Questions related to the life Science that will help you to attune and equipped for different competitive examinations as well as academic examinations.

    1. Assertion (A): A man with O blood group married to a woman of blood group AB then child will never get an AB group.

    Reason (R): Blood group 0 gene is dominant over A, B or AB.

    In the above item consist of two statements, one labelled as 'Assertion (A)' and the other labelled as 'Reason (R)'. Select your answers to these items using the codes given below.


    A. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

    B. Both A and R are true but R is not a correct explanation of A

    C. A is true but R is false

    D. A is false but R is true

    2. Which of the following list of the diseases are deficiency diseases?

    I. Simple goitre and Oriental sore

    II. Xerophthalmia and colour blindness

    III. Night blindness and Marasmus

    IV. Beri-beri and Osteomalacia

    A. I & II

    B. I & III

    C. II & III

    D. III & IV

    3. How many grams of carbohydrate is present in a hen’s egg?

    A. 0.61 g

    B. 0.5 g

    C. 1.3 g

    D. 2.5 g

    4. What is the total number of permanent incisors in both the upper and lower jaws of the cattle and buffaloes?

    A. 4

    B. 8

    C. 12

    D. 16

    5. What is the gestation period of camel?

    A. 280 to 300 days

    B. 320 to 350 days

    C. 365 to 400 days

    D. 425 to 440 days

    6. Match the correct answer from the codes given below in the lists:

    List-I (Animal)             List-II (Life span in years)

    a. Cattle                        1.  10 to 25

    b. Goats                        2.  20 to 25

    c. Sheep                       3.  40

    d. Camels                     4.  45 to 50


        A  B  C  D

    A. 5  3  2  1

    B. 5  4  1  3

    C. 2  4  1  3

    D. 2  3  4  1

    7. From which of the following part of a plant opium is obtained?

    A. Dried leaves

    B. Dried latex

    C. Roots

    D. Stem bark

    8. Which of the following crop is affected by the "early blight" disease?

    A. Potato

    B. Rice

    C. Sugarcane

    D. Wheat

    9. Where is the Central Drug Research Institute of India is located?

    A. Delhi

    B. Bangalore

    C. Madras

    D. Lucknow

    10. Which of the following deficiency causes the dietary deficiency of Xerophthalmia?

    A. Protein

    B. Vitamin A

    C. Riboflavin

    D. Unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic acids

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