Halloween is over, but the ghosts are still there! And oh, there’s a hidden pumpkin too. Can you spot it in this Halloween brain teaser?

Is the Halloween season really over? We doubt it! The ghosts are roaming all over your house. And oh, the hidden evil pumpkin is way too spooky. Can you spot it?

Astha Pasricha
Nov 4, 2022, 00:02 IST
Post-Halloween brain teaser for you!
Post-Halloween brain teaser for you!

Halloween is the time when all you find everywhere are ghosts.

They might be hiding under the stove, or they are standing and grinning near the mailbox, or they might be waiting for you in your go-to cafe.

You step your foot out of bed and you might feel the presence of a ghost below your foot.

However, no matter how much the Halloween period keeps you anxious, you breathe a breath of relief.

You see the world as a safe and positive place to live in, once again. You start to focus on the lush green trees, the running animals, the chirping birds, and the aquatic life.

Basically, after the demonstration of death, you start looking at life again.

Wait, what if we tell you that the ghosts that came to visit you this Halloween were actually too stubborn to leave?

What if we tell you that they are still present at your home, or perhaps, hiding in the most difficult places, waiting for you to come home?

And oh, how can we forget the super creepy Halloween pumpkin? 

Here is a spooky brain teaser for you! Can you spot the hidden pumpkin in this super scary image?

Image Source: Online Mortgage Advisor


Could you find it? We are already very scared!





Here is the evil pumpkin!

Image Source: Online Mortgage Advisor

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