Happy Ram Navami 2023: Images, Wishes, Status, Quotes, Photos for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Ram Navami 2023: The birth of Lord Shri Ram will be celebrated on March 30 this year. Check this article specially curates wishes, messages, status, quotes and more
Happy Ram Navami 2023
Happy Ram Navami 2023

Happy Ram Navami 2023: Ram Navami, the birth of ‘Maryada Purushottam’ Lord Rama is celebrated on the last day of Chaitra Navratri. This is the Hindu devotees living in Indian or abroad celebrating the auspicious occasion on March 30. According to Drik Panchang, the Ram Navami madhyahna muhurat will start at 11:11 am and will end at 1:40 pm.

Check these specially curated wishes and messages to celebrate and spread the message of Ram Navami with friends and family below.

Why is Ram Navami Celebrated? All About its Meaning and Significance

Ram Navami 2023: Wishes & Messages

  • Let's pause to consider Lord Rama's lessons on justice, love, and compassion on the occasion of Ram Navami. Jai Shri Ram!
  • May Lord Rama's blessings bring you pleasure, success, and tranquilly in your life. Cheers to Ram Navami!
  • On the auspicious day of Ram Navami, let's ask Lord Rama for his blessings. Shri Ram, Jai!
  • May the heavenly presence of Lord Rama offer you joy and peace. Cheers to Ram Navami!
  • May the Lord Rama's teachings lead you to live a moral and spiritual life. Jai Shree Ram
  • May Lord Rama's omnipresent grace be with you at all times. Cheers to Ram Navami!
  • Let us rejoice and be happy as we commemorate the birth of Lord Rama. Jai Shri Ram!
  • May the divine grace of Lord Ram always be with you. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Ram Navami.
  • Warm greetings on the auspicious occasion of the birth of Lord Rama. Happy Ram Navami!
  • May Lord Ram shower his blessings on you and your Family I wish joy, harmony and prosperity on Ram Navmi for you and your family.
  • Warm greetings on the auspicious occasion of the birth of Lord Rama. Happy Ram Navami!
  • With a gleam of diyas and the echo of the chants, may happiness and contentment fill your life. Wishing you a Happy Ram Navami!
  • While this year’s celebrations will be different, make sure to wish your loved ones with these heartwarming cards and wishes. Happy Ram Navami!
  • Ram jinka naam hai, Ayodhya jinka dhaam hai, Aise Raghunandan ko, humara pranam hai, Aapko aur aapke parivar ko Ram Navami ki hardik shubhkaamnaayein.
  • May the birth of Lord Rama bring happiness, prosperity, good health, and peace to your life. Happy Ram Navami!
  • Wish you a very happy and prosperous Ram Navami. May this auspicious occasion of Ram Navami brings positivity and peace.
  • I wish that the blessings of Lord Rama be with you for today and tomorrow.
  • On the occasion of Ram Navami, let's remember the values and principles that Lord Rama stood for and strive to imbibe them in our lives. Happy Ram Navami!
  • On this holy day of Ram Navami, may Lord Ram fill your life with joy, love, and compassion. Happy Ram Navami!
  • May the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami brighten every day of your life. Warm greetings on the special day!

Ram Navami 2023: Facebook & WhatsApp Status

  • On this holy occasion of Rama Navami, I am wishing that the blessings of Shri Rama be with you. Happy Ram Navami!
  • May Lord Ram Bless You With Peace and Virtue on Ram Navami and Always… Happy Ram Navami!
  • I wish you to be blessed with the calmness and Virtue of Lord Rama. Shubho Ram Navami!
  • Let's practice equality for one and all on this auspicious day. Happy Ram Navami.
  • Aapko aur Aapke Parivaar ko Ramnavmi ki Shubhkamnaye.
  • Let's pray for peace and brotherhood on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navmi.  Warm Wishes
  • On this wonderful day, let us pray to Lord Rama for his blessings and direction on the upright path. Best Wishes on Ram Navami!
  • Let's endeavour to uphold the ideals and values that Lord Rama represented in our life as we celebrate Ram Navami. Warm Wishes!
  • I pray that Lord Rama's heavenly blessings may bring you success, love, and happiness. Best Wishes on Ram Navami! 
  • May you experience joy, serenity, and wealth on this Ram Navami. Happy Ram Navami to one all!
  • Let us all bow to Lord Rama, the symbol of righteousness, strength, and compassion. Happy Ram Navami!
  • On this holy day, let us take inspiration from Lord Rama's life and strive to become better human beings. Happy Ram Navami!
  • May the divine blessings of Lord Ram be with you on this Ram Navami and always. Happy Ram Navami!
  •  Ram Navami is a reminder of the power of good over evil. Let us pray for a world where love and compassion triumph over hatred and violence. Happy Ram Navami!
  • May the divine grace of Lord Rama be with you and guide you through life. Happy Ram Navami.
  • Let us invoke the blessings of Lord Rama on this holy day of Ram Navami and pray for his guidance and protection. Jai Shree Ram!
  • May the blessings of Lord Rama fill your life with happiness and prosperity. Wishing you a very Happy Ram Navami!

Ram Navami 2023: Quotes

  • “Lust, anger, vanity and covetousness are all paths leading to hell. Abjuring, all these adore the Hero of Raghu’s line, whom saints worship.”-Tulsidas, Ramayana
  • “Be gracious, Master, and allow The worlds to rest from trouble now;”- Vālmīki, The Rámáyan of Válmíki
  • “What is whole, this is whole; what has come out of the whole is also whole. When the whole is taken out of the whole, the whole still remains whole.”- C. Rajagopalachari, Ramayana
  • “Abandon pride, which is the same as Tamas-guna (darkness), rooted as it is in ignorance and is a source of considerable pain; and adore Lord Shri Rama, the Chief of the Raghus and an ocean of compassion.”- Tulsidas, Ramayana
  • “When a minister, a physician and a religious preceptor; these three use pleasing words from fear or hope of reward, the result is that dominion, health, and faith, all the three immediately set towards destruction.”- Tulsidas, Ramayana
  • “You can't protect Dharma if you don't know what it is.”- Vijay Singh Sodhi
  • “The Ramayana's message is not that we passively give in to Destiny, but that we gallantly stick to Duty.” - Chaitanya Charan Das
  • “It is difficult for the children to repay the debt of what the mother and the father have done to bring them up.” - Rama to Vasishtha
  • “The Shastras say that a son who does not obey his father has no place in heaven.”- Ramesh Menon, The Ramayana: A Modern Retelling of the Great Indian Epic
  • Let’s scroll through some tweets to witness the celebration of Ram Navami over the world.

Happy Ram Navami Everyone!

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