History of Medieval India: Complete Study Material

A Comprehensive Study Material on History of Medieval India Consisting the five major chapters like early medieval India, Rise of Rajputs, Emergence of Provincial Kingdom, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal empire. In each chapter, we have covered all the important topics in details which would definitely help you to enhance your Knowledge about Medieval Indian History.
Indian History
Indian History

The medieval period is an important era in Indian History for the development in the field of art, languages, culture, and religion.

So, here we have compiled a Comprehensive Study Material on “History of Medieval India” which is divided into five major sections with the history of the Rajputs, Cholas, Bahmanis, Delhi Sultanate rulers, Mughals, Marathas, the invading Turks, Vijayanagara kings, and number of other historical events during that period.

This study material would not only help the students of 6th to 12th class or undergraduates but also those who are preparing for competitive examination.

History of Medieval India: Complete Study Material

1. Early Medieval India

    1.1 Prithvi Raj Chauhan
    1.2 Social and Cultural Development during Rajput Dynasty
    1.3 The Rashtrakutas
    1.4 The Palas
    1.5 Kannauj after Harsha
    1.6 The Senas of Bengal
    1.7 The Gahadavals of Kannauj
    1.8 Chahamans or Chauhanas of Shakambhari
    1.9 The Kalachuri’s of Tripuri
    1.10 Chandellas of Bundelkhand
    1.11 Karkota Dynasty
    1.12 Utpala Dynasty
    1.13 Kingdoms of Kashmir after Utpalas
    1.14 Ride of Lohara Dynasty
    1.15 Arab conquest of Sindh

2. The Rise of Rajput

    2.1 The Chandela of Bundelkhand
    2.2 The Origin of Rajputs

3. Emergence of Provincial kingdoms

    3.1 Architecture and Literature during Vijayanagara Empire
    3.2 The Bahmani Kingdom

4. Delhi Sultanate

    4.1 Mahmud Ghaznavi: Why he attacked 17 times on India?
    4.2 Delhi Sultanate: Jalal ud din Khilji and Alauddin Khilji (Khilji Dynasty)
    4.3 Economic Policy and Administration under Khilji Dynasty
    4.4 Razia Sultan:The First Women Ruler of India
    4.5 Bahlul Lodhi
    4.6 Causes of the Downfall of Lodhi Dynasty
    4.7 Administration in Delhi Sultanate
    4.8 Firoz Shah Tuglaq
    4.9 Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq:The First Emperor of Tughlaq Dynasty
    4.10 Qutb-ud-Din Mubarak Shah Khilji
    4.11 Muhammad Bin Tughlaq: Key Facts and Refroms
    4.12 Smaller Kingdoms during Sultanate Era
    4.13 Sayyid Dynasty: List of Rulers
    4.14 Sikandar Lodi: Administration and Achievements
    4.15 Economic Conditions during Delhi Sultanate
    4.16 Ibn Battuta’s Memoir on Tughlaq Dynasty
    4.17 Invasion of Timur on India: Causes and Consequences
    4.18 Sufi Movement in India: A Detailed Summary

5. Mughal Empire

     5.1 Akbar the Great
     5.2 Nasin al Din Muḥammad (Humayun)
     5.3 Ibrahim Lodi
     5.4 Jehangir
     5.5 Shahabuddin Muhammad Shah Jahan
     5.6 Aurangzeb -Emperor of Mughal India
     5.7 Babur (Zahir-ud-din Muhammad)
     5.8 Cultural Development during Mughal Era
     5.9 The Sur Empire
     5.10 Mughal Administration: Key Features & Structure
     5.11  Mughal Empire: Contribution in Arts and Architecture

     5.12 List of the Great Mughal Emperors of India

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