How to register complaints with Indian Railways

Indian Railways make some new changes every year, keeping in mind the convenience of the people. These changes mainly include changes in passenger fares, freight rates, train and cleaning at the station, passenger safety, easy ticket booking etc. Even after all these changes, if a passenger experiences any inconvenience, the railway authorities make every effort to solve the grievances of the people through social media, helpline number and email etc.
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Complain portal of Indian Railways
Complain portal of Indian Railways

The total running track of Indian Railways is 65,000 kms which makes it the world's fourth largest railway network. Keeping in view the convenience of people every year, Indian Railways makes some new changes like passenger fares, changes in freight rates, passenger amenities, passenger safety, easy ticket booking etc.
Sometimes some people are happy with these changes but some people always brings the attention of the authorities regarding the problems like dirty stations and trains, poor quality of food, theft of goods and safety of passengers etc. Keeping in mind the concept of "customer is the king", the government also makes every effort to resolve the grievances of people through social media, helpline numbers,sms alerts and email etc.
This article will tell you that how you can complain about railway problems with Railways officials.

first method to complain
If you wish to submit any suggestions and complaints related to the railway, click on the link given below.
Step 1.
You can register complain on this plateform related to;
1. If your seat got confirmed but still TTE does not allot seat to you.
2. Dirty railway station
3. Unlearned train compartment and washroom
4. Dirty clothing in the train compartment
5. Demand of bribery by the railway officials
6. Poor quality of food
7. Not working electrical equipment
8. Inappropriate behavior of the train staff
9. Unavailability of water in the train and station
10. Theft incidents in the compartment
11. Not getting refund after the Cancellation of ticket
12. No refund of money on cancellation of train

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Step 2: Fill the following form online to register your complaint with the railway (as shown below)

complaint form train
Step 3: To know the current status of your complaint and to ensure that whether any action has been taken on your complaint or not. Click on the following link...

second method to complain

Complaint via SMS, Call and Twitter:
Railways have introduced separate phone numbers for complaints and security issues. Although Complaints can also be lodged to the railway through social media.

complain indian rail sms
1. A passenger can file complaint or suggestion directly by calling 138.
2. If you have any security related complaint then you can call 182.
3. If you want to file a complaint through your mobile via sms, you can send a complaint to 91-9717680982.
4. In case of any emergency, service related complain or insecurity during the journey; passenger can tweet at "@RailMinIndia"
To know the current status of SMS based complaints and suggestions visit the following page

complain tracking railway

third method to complain
Complaint via "Mobile Application"
Almost every railway passenger carries a Smartphone in today's era. You can download this app and send your complaints and suggestions directly to the Indian Railways. Through this app you can upload pictures related to dirty railway compartment, dirty clothing and condemn toilet as evidence, which will make easier for the railway officers to take required action.

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