Hydroelectric power stations in Argentina

General Knowledge Lists: Following is the list of Hydroelectric power stations in Argentina
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 Power Station
Opening date
Alicurá Dam Patagonia 40°35′10″S 70°45′09″W 1985
El Chocón Dam
Villa El Chocon, Argentina 39°15′57″S 68°45′23″W 1973
Florentino Ameghino Dam
Chubut Province 43.6998°S 66.4816°W
Piedra del Águila Dam Patagonia 40°11′25″S 69°59′29″W 1992
Hydroelectric Power Station Jasyretâ-Apipé
Argentina/Paraguay 27°28′57.68″S 56°43′29.95″W 1994

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