Indian Geography: Complete Study Material

This comprehensive Study Material “Indian Geography” is designed with the reference of NCERT books and some more books like Majid Hussain (Geography of India), Savinder Singh (Physical Geography), D.R Khullar (India: A Comprehensive Geography), Mahesh Barnwal Geography: A Comprehensive Study) etc.

This “Indian Geography” Study Material is useful for class 6th to 12th, Undergraduate students and also for those who are preparing for various competitive exams.

We have divided the entire Study Material of “Indian Geography” into 5 Sections for better understanding the physiography of India which is unique and is responsible for the development of distinctive features in the sub-continent.

This comprehensive Study Material “Indian Geography” is designed with the reference of NCERT books and some more books like Majid Hussain (Geography of India) , Savinder Singh (Physical Geography), D.R Khullar ( India: A Comprehensive Geography), Mahesh Barnwal ( Geography: A Comprehensive Study) etc.

So by keeping in Mind the importance of the Subject presents a complete Study Material at one place

Indian Geography: A Complete Study Material

1. General Geography & Physical Features

1.1 Basic Concepts in Geography
1.2 The Universe
1.3 The Solar System
1.4 Latitudes, Longitudes and Standard Time
1.5 Inside our Earth
1.6 Our Changing Earth
1.7 Composition of Air
1.8 Water
1.9 Our Changing view of the Universe
1.10 Location and its Neighbour
1.11 Frontiers of India
1.12 Administrative divisions of India: States and Union Territories
1.13 Physical Division
1.14 Geological Structure of India
1.15 Classification of the Indian Rocks
1.16 Trans-Himalayas Mountain Region or Tibet Himalayan Region
1.17 The Eastern or Purvanchal Hills
1.18 The Aravali Mountain Range
1.19 The Peninsular Plateau
1.20 The Great Plains of India
1.21 Structural division of Plains
1.22 Indian Desert
1.23 The Western Ghats Mountain Range
1.24 The Eastern Ghats Mountain Range
1.25 The Western Ghats Coastal Plain
1.26 The Eastern Coastal Plains
1.27 The Island Groups
1.28 Important Passes in India

2. Climate, Soil & Vegetation

2.1 Seasons in India
2.2 Factors affecting India’s Climate
2.3 The Indian Monsoon
2.4 The Onset of the Monsoon and Withdrawal
2.5 The Thermal Theory of Monsoon
2.6 The Equatorial Westerly Theory
2.7 The Jet Stream Theory
2.8 The El Nino Theory
2.9 Koeppen's classification of Climate
2.10 Distribution of Rainfall
2.11 Land resources: Availability and Degradation
2.12 Soil profile of India
2.13 Natural Vegetation
2.14 Forest Resources
2.15 The Forest Research Institute in India
2.16 Social Forestry Programme
2.17 Environmental movements and acts of the Government
2.18 Biosphere Reserves in India
2.19 Wild Life and National Parks
2.20 Important facts about Wildlife
2.21 Report of Red Data Book

3. Drainage System

3.1 Drainage pattern
3.2 Drainage System
3.3 The Indus System
3.4 The Ganga River System
3.5 The Brahmaputra River System
3.6 The Peninsular River System
3.7 Peninsular River Flowing towards the East
3.8 Peninsular River Flowing Towards the West
3.9 Lakes in India
3.10 Usability of River Water
3.11 Water Management
3.12 Valley Projects link with Indus River
3.13 River Valley Projects of River Ganga
3.14 River Valley Projects of North - East India (Brahmaputra)
3.15 River Valley Projects of Peninsular India
3.16 River Project Towards East (Bay of Bengal)
3.17 List of Towns situated on the Banks of River

4. Economic Geography

4.1 Industrial Regions in India
4.2 Mineral belts in India
4.3 Power Resources of India
4.4 Coal Resources of India
4.5 Petroleum and Natural Gas
4.6 Atomic Minerals
4.7 Means of Electrical Energy Production in India
4.8 Atomic Energy
4.9 Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
4.10 Industries in India
4.11 Industrial Development in India
4.12 Iron and Steel Industry
4.13 Shipping Industry
4.14 Aluminium Industries in India
4.15 Cement Industry
4.16 Chemical fertilizer Industry in India
4.17 Petro-Chemical Industry in India
4.18 Engineering Industry
4.19 Pharmaceutical Industries in India
4.20 Agro-Based Industries in India
4.21 Forest-based Industry
4.22 Transport and Communication
4.23 Road Transport
4.24 Rail Transport
4.25 Water Transport
4.26 Air Transportation
4.27 Oil and Gas Pipelines
4.28 Personal Communication System
4.29 Mass Communication System

5. Human Geography

5.1 Human Resources
5.2 Human Development
5.3 Human Settlement
5.4 Rural Settlement
5.5 Indicators of Development
5.6 Composition of Indian population
5.7 Urban Settlements in India
5.8 Urbanisation in India
5.9 Functional Classification of Towns
5.10 Dichotomy of Human Geography
5.11 Human Development Index in India
5.12 Racial Groups of India
5.13 Schedule Tribes in India
5.14 Schedule Castes in India
5.15 Population Policies of India
5.16 Human Migration

Mere learning the facts are not sufficient, proper analyzation and understanding of the subject is also necessary for preparing any exam. So, here we have compiled more than 1000 Indian Geography questions with answers for your practice.

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