Is Nitrogen drink dangerous for health

Liquid Nitrogen is a fluid that is used in foods such as drinks, ice creams, etc. Nitrogen drinks look great and appeal everyone, but how to use it, try to figure out how much damage it may cause, Is it safe to drink or not etc are discussed in this article.
Sep 12, 2017 14:44 IST
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Nitrogen drink is such an appealing drink that just by seeing it you want to drink. This gives your drink a different look and instant freezes ice cream. But the question arises whether this drink is safe or not. Does liquid nitrogen damage health or not? Let us study about the Nitrogen drink and its affect on health.

What is Nitrogen Drink
What is liquid nitrogen and what will happen when it is consumed?
It is cooled and liquefied form of nitrogen gas. It is so cold that its boiling point is -195.8 degrees Celsius. Instantly it can freeze anything that comes in contact while evaporating. It is used as a coolant for the computer, in the removal of unwanted skin as medicines or for preserving biological samples and materials. 

 What is Liquid Nitrogen
Nowadays, it has been used to cook food in restaurants because it makes a dish unique with a smoky look. In spite of being cold gas, it can melt our intestines and destroy the tissues of the mouth and digestive system when it is swallowed. Isn’t it dangerous? Apart from this, when liquid nitrogen gas is evaporated, then large amount of nitrogen gas is evolved, which means that if it is consumed or ingested in large quantities then it can damage tissues in the oesophagus and the stomach. Once consumed, the gas does not have an escape route and this can lead to a perforation or a hole in the stomach.

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Liquid Nitrogen can cause burning
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Although this chemical substance is not very expensive, but in which it is stored is a vacuum flask known as Dewar flask and is very expensive because the liquid nitrogen is placed in a standard flask or otherwise it may explode. The vacuum flask was invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892.
Is it safe to drink Liquid Nitrogen?

Is it safe to drin Liquid Nitrogen
This drink should be drunk when all the smokiness is removed with no bubbles. Before drinking, there is evaporation in the liquid nitrogen gas, so no one drinks nitrogen. If nitrogen comes with a drink, then it appears floating above the liquid surface.
Are there any rules on the use of liquid nitrogen?
According to the National Regulatory Body, Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) guidelines, liquid nitrogen is used as an additive in frozen foods.

From this article we come to know that Nitrogen Drink can be dangerous if not handled carefully or consumed with precautions.

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