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    Kirti Chakra: History, Eligibility, Design and Recipients

    Kirti Chakra is an Indian military decoration awarded for bravery, self-sacrifice away from the field of battle. It may be awarded to civilians as well, in addition to the military personnel and is equivalent to Maha Vir Chakra.
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    Kirti Chakra
    Kirti Chakra

    Kirti Chakra is an Indian military decoration awarded for bravery, self-sacrifice away from the field of battle. Kirti Chakra may be awarded to civilians as well, in addition to the military personnel. Kirti Chakra is the second-highest peacetime decoration of India and is equivalent to Maha Vir Chakra. Ashok Chakra is the highest peacetime decoration of India and Shaurya Chakra is the third highest peacetime decoration of India. 

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    Kirti Chakra: History

    On January 4, 1952, Kirti Chakra was established as the 'Ashoka Chakra, Class II' by the then President of India, w.e.f. from August 15, 1947. On January 27, 1967, the decoration was renamed as 'Kirti Chakra'. 

    Kirti Chakra: Eligibility

    1- Officers, men and women of all ranks of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, of any of the Reserve Forces, of the Territorial Army, Militia and of any other lawfully constituted Armed Forces.

    2-  The members of the Nursing Services of the Armed Forces.

    3- Civilian citizens of either sex in all walks of life and members of Police Forces including Central Para-Military Forces and Railway Protection Force.

    Kirti Chakra is awarded for conspicuous gallantry otherwise than in the face of the enemy and may be awarded posthumously. 

    Kirti Chakra: Design

    Kirti Chakra constitutes of a medal, ribbon and bar. Below is the detailed description of the medal:

    1- Medal: The medal of the Kirti Chakra is circular in shape, one and three-eight inches in diameter. The medal is made up of standard silver. 

    2- Obverse: On the obverse of the medal, Ashoka Chakra is carved in the centre and is surrounded by a lotus wreath. 

    3- Reverse: On the reverse of the medal, 'KIRTI CHAKRA' is carved out both in Hindi and English separated by two lotus flowers. 

    4- Ribbon: The Kirti Chakra consists of a 30 mm dark green colour ribbon with two 2 mm saffron stripes. Dark green 8.5 mm, saffron 2 mm, dark green 9 mm, saffron 2 mm, dark green 8.5 mm.

    5- Bar: A bar is attached to the ribbon by which the Kirti Chakra is suspended. 

    Kirti Chakra: Recipients

    1- Captain Jogindra Singh Gharaya

    2- Havildar Amar Singh

    3- Naik Hardial Singh (Posthumously)

    4- Sepoy Sewa Singh

    5- Major Gurucharan Singh

    6- Sowar Prithi Singh 

    7- Shri B.B.L. Datta

    8- Dev Raj Singh

    9- Sepoy Daryao

    10- Sergeant Ram Chandra Dua

    11- Flight Sergeant O. Sundaressiya

    12- Flight Lt. Ulrich Anthony D'cruz

    13- Sergeant Dev Raj Singh

    14- Flight Lt. Raizada Harbans Chawdhry

    15- Major General Shankarrao Pandurung Patil Thorat

    16- Gloria Berry (Posthumously)

    17- Havildar A Somiah

    18- Captain Mehta Singh (Posthumously)

    19- Jemadar Sham Bahadur Singh (Posthumously)

    20- Jemadar Sheo Pujan Singh

    21- Sepoy Babu Lal (Posthumously)

    22- Naik Mukhtiar Singh 

    23- Manasser Johannes

    24- Subedar Nasib Singh

    25- Jemadar Kulwant Singh (Posthumously)

    26- Major Denzil Herbert D'Cruz

    27- Major Inder Singh Rawat

    28- Major Amar Sen

    29- Sepoy Parmal Singh (Posthumously)

    30- Sepoy Mohindar Singh

    31- Wing Commander Edul Jahangir Dhatigara

    32- Squadron Leader Nedyam Bhaskar Menon

    33- Lt. Col. Jaswant Singh

    34- Subedar Sohan Singh (Posthumously)

    35- Naik Karnail Singh (Posthumously)

    36- Lance Naik Pandit Mane

    37- Lance Naik Ran Bahadur Gurung 

    38- Sepoy Ram Deva (Posthumously)

    39- Sepoy Suraj Singh

    40- Rifleman Jailal Adhikari 

    41- Rifleman Taraparsad Gurung

    42- Rifleman Dhansing Pun

    43- A/Major Dalchand Singh Pratap

    44- Rifleman Jaman Singh Gusain

    45- Rifleman Bhimbahadur Khattri

    46- Craftsman Jaikaran

    47- Captain Harbans Singh

    48- Rifleman Jut Bahadur Thapa (Posthumously)

    49- Makhimong

    50- Ayomo Lotha

    51- Squadron Leader Reginald Azariah Rufus

    52- Captain Gramam Kasturirangam Krishna Iyengar

    53- Naik Lal Singh

    54- Rifleman Madho Singh Negi (Posthumously)

    55- 2/Lt. Raj Mohan Sharma

    56- Subedar Sat Lal Pun

    57- Lt. Col. Jamshed Bhurjorji Dorabji

    58- Sampuran Singh 

    59- Pfudilhu Angami

    60- Major Parayil Bhaskaran

    61- Sepoy Chuhar Singh

    62- Rifleman Hans Raj (Posthumously)

    63- Percival Douglas Carroll (Posthumously)

    64- Imti Mayang

    65- Squadron Leader Ayappan Sudhakaran (Posthumously)

    66- Noel Kelman, SR CD Gunner

    67- Bechan Singh, ORD S/M (Posthumously)

    68- VPS Tomar, ORD S/M (Posthumously)

    69- Flight Lt. Raj Kumar Mehta (Posthumously)

    70-  Flight Lt. Balkrishan Desoares

    71- Flying Officer Vaidyanathan Ganesan (Posthumously)

    72- Flight Lt. Madhusudan Ray (Posthumously)
    73- Flight Lt. Karan Sher Singh Kalsia (Posthumously)

    74- Flight Lt.  Jagannath Vijyaraghavan (Posthumously)

    75- V.P.S. Tomar, ORD S/M (Posthumously)

    76- Rifleman Bir Singh Negi

    77- Naik Ranjit Singh (Posthumously)

    78- Allika Venkata Rao

    79- 2/Lt. Perminder Singh (Posthumously)

    80- Razo Sopu Angami

    81- Sureshwar Datta (Posthumously)

    82- Medandra Krishna Kumar (Posthumously)

    83- Haran Chandra Misra (Posthumously)

    84- Abdul Razak Ali (Posthumously)

    85- Alan Fredrick Richtor

    86- Samiran Kumar Roy (Posthumously)

    87- Naik Karna Bahadur Rai (Posthumously)

    88- L/NK Karna Bahadur Gurung

    89- Major Dwarka Nath Kanwarpal

    90- Angami

    91- Patric Edward Crizzle

    92- Zhevishe Sema

    93- Partapa

    94- Kripal Singh Dhingra

    95- Jia Lal Gupta

    96- Arun Khanna

    97- Preet Pal Singh

    98- Satish Sood

    99- Tilak Raj Khanna

    100- Squadron Leader Vishwanath Balkrishna Sawardekar

    101- Corporal Sukumar Ghosh

    102- Bishal Singh

    103- Captain Allah Noor Kathat 

    104- Subedar Chalhnuna Lushai

    105- Captain Sreeram Raju Kosuri

    106- L/Naik Jitendra Biswas

    107- Sepoy Gorakh Nath Singh

    108- Pioneer Mool Singh 

    109- Ram Bharose

    110- Ram Nath

    111- Ajab Singh

    112- Babu Singh

    113- Kashiram Singh

    114- Mahadeo Singh

    115- Vishwanath Singh

    116- Captain Dinesh Prasad Mathur

    117- Subedar Dhian Singh 

    118- Naik Tek Bahadur Chhetri

    It is interesting to note that Col. N.J. Nair was the recipient of both Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra. He is the most decorated soldier of the Indian Army.  

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