Labor Day 2022: Know Theme, Significance, History, And What All You Can Do On This Day

On the 5th of September, Labor Day is a day that not only celebrates the U.S. labor movement but also is a day that marks the end of summer and the commencement of fall. While it is a day of enormous importance in the history of the United States, it is also your most wanted chance to relax and breathe in some downtime. Read on to know the day’s importance, theme, and all you can do to celebrate it!
Labor Day 2022
Labor Day 2022

Labor Day 2022: While Labor day often marks the beginning of summer, the present time does not allow summer to enter before September 22; thanks to the changing environment. Yet, Labor day is the perfect day for you to plan your day with family and friends whom you have lost touch with.


Do you wish to spend your holiday completing your long pending home repairs? Well, that too is a judicious choice!

History Of Labor Day

The concept of labor day took birth at first by labor activists, along with a few individual states, during the 1800s. By this time, the day was acknowledged unofficially. 


The first state to ever acknowledge the day officially by introducing a bill recognizing Labor Day was New York. However, the first state to codify the law was Oregon in the year 1887. Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts followed suit by the last 1887.


Wondering when did the holiday begin? Well, it was after the recession of the 1870s that the unions were commencing to strengthen again and thus the holiday developed.


Historically speaking, two major events contributed to the formation of the Labor Day, as per Joshua Freeman, a professor emeritus at the City University of New York, and a renowned labor historian.


First things first, the formation of the now longer existing Central Labor Union as an “umbrella body” for unions all over the ethnic and trade groups. 

Adding to this was convention in the city, followed by a large parade, held by the Knights of Labor, the largest national labor convention of that era. Ironically, the parade was held on Tuesday, and most of the workers were not able to attend it.


However, the convention was a massive success. Unions all over the country began celebrating their own labor celebrations at the beginning of September.


It was not easy for workers to participate in such a move as they could also get fired. Eventually, though, the states started acknowledging the holiday.


On June 28, 1894, an act was passed by the Congress calling the first day of the month of September the Labor Day. The bill gave a legal holiday on that day.

Significance Of Labor Day

Labor day has a long rooted history. Check your history textbooks talking about the struggles and movements in the 19th century, and you will find the immense importance of the American labor movement. Originally, the day was designed to honor all the workers of the United States and elsewhere.


The movement sought to fight for the rights of workers with a demand for just working conditions.


Initially when the Labor Day was formed, unions demanded for some very specific advancements in the working conditions. They fought for the 8-hour work day. The day also served as an opportunity for laborers to unite and share their priorities and issues with one another. The day also asks the country to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of workers to the society.


Today, we celebrate the day every year to not only acknowledge the movement, and appreciate the workers, but also bring up issues and themes that are of importance to the working condition of workers today.


Labor Day Theme 2022


The theme for Labor Day, 2022, is Universal Social Protection to End Child Labor. It urges the protection of children from forced child labor and attracts investments into the social safety nets.


What To Do On Labor Day, 2022


While you can plan all your leisure activities or your “me-time” on the holiday, there are a few things you won’t be able to do on the day.


You can visit your friend, spend some much needed “me-time”, binge watch your favorite series, thank a worker nearby, cook meals with your spouse, take some extra hours of sleep in the morning, or get your house repair work done.


If we talk about the things you can’t do on the day, we would not miss to mention the fact that the banks, mail deliveries, and government offices will be closed. Thus, it becomes imperative to plan accordingly. However, you can always sue the ATMs.


If you plan to have your meals with your friends at a restaurant, make it a point to reserve a seat prior, as there are chances of some restaurants being closed.


The Takeaway


While Labor Day is a fun holiday for you to spend your leisure time with family and friends, do not forget to show your gratitude to the workers you know. Workers have always contributed greatly to society, but we often fail to value their importance and contributions. It’s time we give a token of thanks and appreciation to the workers out there.


Here’s Jagran Josh wishing you a very Happy Labor Day!

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